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Pollster describes “undecides”

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This morning, a pollster said that the “undecideds” are mostly white, middle class, older women who supported Hillary Clinton.

How they can be undecided is beyond me. If they supported Hillary, why don’t they support Obama? Do they honestly believe the McCain-Palin pronouncement that Obama is a socialist? If so, then Hillary must be a socialist too. His policies and ideas are almost exactly like hers.

McCain’s are not. His plans and polices will mimic Bush’s first term.

McCain will continue Bush’s economic policies even though many high-ranking Republicans say those policies were wrong. McCain will also continue Bush’s foreign policy…and carry it further. He sides completely with the Neo-Cons that got us into Iraq and advocated a policy of invasion of other Middle East countries to make them pro-American.

As many who know McCain well have stated, he is not a reflective thinker. He doesn’t think through the pros and cons and consequences of his actions. He’s a gambler. If elected President, he’ll be gambling with our lives, our futures, our children. That’s not what I want from my President. I don’t want someone gambling with my children’s futures.

Obama, like Hillary, is reflective, weighs the consequences, and doesn’t speak rashly.

It would be a huge mistake for those white, middle class, older women to break for McCain. If they hate the results of the Bush Administration, they won’t like McCain’s any better. It will be even worse.

Written by Valerie Curl

November 2, 2008 at 9:32 PM

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