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Merry Christmas! Let a new world begin.

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Today is the celebration of Christ’s birth for the approximate 2.1 billion people on this small, blue planet who follow the Christian religion. (Christianity is the largest of all religions, exceeding number 2, Islam, by 600 million.)

On this day in the Western World, we open a horde of presents, eat vast quantities of food, drink too much celebration, and silently worry about what the next year will bring. I warrant that few of us, though, think about the many millions worldwide who have none of these things this holiday season: the many millions who have lost their jobs as a result of a deep recession caused by greed in the financial and real estate sectors; the many millions who have lost their homes because of the treachery practiced by unscrupulous mortgage bankers and brokers; the many millions who lost everything as a result of unexpected, and overly costly, medical care; the many millions worldwide who lost even their ability to buy food for their families.

Today is not just a day of glorious inebriation, it is a day to remember what this day is really all about. Not just the man for whom it is named, but the message he espoused.

The message that put him on the cross: love thy neighbor; give generously to the poor and sick; turn away from hate and jealousy; be just (honorable and ethical) in all you do throughout your life; think about others before yourself.

More than anything now, in these most difficult times, we need to build “community.” Community is an old fashioned idea of sharing and helping and creating friendship. It is coming together for the common good.

In a world wracked by anger and hatred and fear, it’s time to let go of prejudice. It’s time to open ourselves to our better selves and work for a world “community” as well as a local “community.” Government cannot do it all. Nor should we expect government to do it all. We all have a responsibility to our neighbors–to each other.

As this day is celebrated, my wish is that the next year will see a renewed mentality that creates “communities” to bring hope, wellness and happiness to the many millions who currently are suffering and worrying and praying for help. My wish is that those who have here-to-fore lived their lives only for themselves, to gratify their own egos, will experience an epiphany–an epiphany of the heart and soul.

So, Merry Christmas, World! May this day usher forth a new day in the human psyche, one that brings forth an actualization of the messages spoken by Jesus.


Written by Valerie Curl

December 26, 2008 at 1:46 AM

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