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Need a Job? The three growing industry sectors in the U.S.

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Here are a few facts on which sectors are growing:

1) Every single day another prison somewhere in the U.S. is being built.

These prisons are needed to house the growing numbers of people convicted of crimes that even judges think are far too punitive. At a cost of more than $1M/prisoner per year, this sector continues to grow as the recession continues. As a side note, States have cut spending on schools even though the cost per student per year is less than 10% of the cost of housing a prisoner…and nets a far greater benefit to society and the economy as a whole.

2) Armaments – military, arms manufacturers, private contractors, mercenaries

Recently released, the cost per soldier per year in the war zones is one million dollars. The cost of the latest approved bombers which the generals did not want is billions. Manufacturers of bullets, to meet both increased military needs and civilian wants, have stretched manufacturing abilities to the breaking point, causing those prices to increase. The cost per contractor, or mercenary (think Blackwater), has been well publicized, showing overpricing, corruption and misappropriation of funds accounting to billions in lost federal (voter) dollars.

3) Health care – doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and physical or occupational therapists.

Beyond the fact that the largest percentage of the populace is aging – as millions of baby boomers are on the verge of retirement – which means an increase in the need for medical care, there are now millions of young people who are suffering innumerable affects and disabilities caused by war injuries. And as long as the country continues to support interminable war, the need for health care workers will increase.

So if you’re looking for a job, you might look into these three industries.

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