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I hardly know where to start or what to write coherently. I have so many thoughts running through my mind as a result of my studies of history and my current fondness for So. Korea and love of its people as well as the current American political scene that I hardly know where to begin.


I guess I should start off by saying that I will never forgive Obama, Geithner, and Holder for allowing all the banksters who perpetrated the 2008 financial meltdown. Those bankers, both those who headed their financial companies and those who conned the public, should have been held responsible, regardless of how long the investigation continued. I lost a quarter million dollars in my retirement funds as a result of financial institutions greed and lies at a time when I was nearly ready to retire. I’ve never recovered. As a society, we should never have stood for what happened to us at the hands of a bunch of greedy, amoral bankers. As a Democratic voter, I can honestly say Obama’s Admin was wrong!


If I’d been younger, I might have recovered…but at 61 already? Not bloody likely. Added to my anger and frustration were the actions of Majority Leader McConnell and Speaker Boehner following the passage of the Dodd-Frank Financial Reform Bill. The bill itself was relatively meek, but Wall St, nevertheless, hated it because it required them to be more responsible for their actions, ie. larger reserve amounts, better reporting, etc. Hoping to win major donations from Wall St. firms, McConnell and Boehner went to Wall St. They specifically said we’ll overturn Dodd-Frank if you donate to the Republican Party. Pure quid-pro-quo.


Republican Teddy Roosevelt, the first progressive president, witnessed the political corruption that infected politics. He wrote in his autobiography his experience in the NY Legislature, looking around at his fellow lawmakers either bribing companies for funds (if you don’t give to me, I’ll vote for this bill against you) or being blackmailed (if you don’t vote as we want, we’ll use our resources to defeat you). As a result of his changing views, TR believed the entire system…among many other areas of the economy to benefit workers…needed to be reformed. Although a firm believer in capitalism, he understood that the rules of road could and would be violated by greedy miscreants which could and would create revolution as they had in Europe. For example, he brought into being monopoly laws that stopped the consolidation of entire industry sectors into the hands of one or two companies. Moreover, he grasped that capitalism could not survive if workers revolted against the entire system as a result of their poor treatment by companies.


He understood what Adam Smith, the father of modern economics, wrote in his two books. Being a great reader, he also understood the theses of Edmund Burke. Using both of their ideas, he set about changing American society in a way that reduced greed as well as increased workers’ ability to demand respect for their labor, working conditions, and lives. History books and writers of that era filled libraries with the conflicts of workers against greedy employers…and newspapers of that era were filled with reports of the failure of employers to protect workers.


All of this leads us to what occurred prior to the last election in So. Korea. Many commentators stated that So. Koreans were so used to corruption that they, by the millions, weren’t holding protest vigils against the corruption of the Park Administration so much as its incompetency. Nevertheless, So. Koreans voted en masse against the conservative government led by Park. Since Moon Jae-In became president, he and his government have worked tirelessly to root out corruption, bribery, and influence buying. I applauded the Moon Administration for its efforts, even as I worried that the change in Administrations signaled another governmental purge that became almost institutionalized throughout Korea’s [Joseon’s} history. But the Moon Administration, thus far, has proven itself to stand by the rule of law (most of which accords to and has been adopted from the USA). In previous generations, those who had money and power could bend the law in their favor. But, I posit, the modern Korean dramas helped changed that dynamic.

Modern Korean dramas highlight, even as a subtext, the corruption of a system that failed to protect ordinary people in favor of the greedy and wealthy. I must add that greed as defined by Korean culture is not just greed for money but also greed for power, prestige, influence, recognition, and overwhelming personal and ego driven desire. Thus, the dramas highlighted the conflict between honest, compassionate people against corrupt, greedy people. In every case, greedy people failed in their schemes, even with the often painful help of their children to overthrow the evil greed of their fathers and family. The essence is that honor and respect for everyone wins over selfish greed, regardless of whether the drama was a historical drama or a modern drama.

What is little noted is how that subtext of continuous and historic corruption has influenced So. Koreans thinking today. In the 1930s, Hollywood produced many movies plainly showing how the corruption on Wall St, added and abetted by government, led to the Great Depression and its’ devastating affects on average Americans. As a result, Americans were broadly supportive of FDR’s policies, including Ronald Reagan.


That is not the case today. While So. Korea dramas, especially over the last decade, exhibit how greed affected its’ society and eventually changed how people thought, American TV has perpetuated the comic book myth of a strong leader who would save society from the bad guys. Pure insanity!

There is no strong man who will save average Americans from the depredations of a greedy, self-serving corporate America and their abettors in Congress, much less bring justice to all. Super Man, Batman, and all the other comic book heroes are pure myths. The only thing that will save America is the hard work of rooting out greed in all its forms…and returning the nation to its roots: a nation founded on the belief that governments are “for and by the people”. Yes, everyday people who work hard, save, struggle to survive, have compassion for those less fortunate, and believe in equal justice and the rule of law.


Today’s So. Korea struggles to achieve those honorable, equitable ends even as much of the USA marches backwards in ways that would stun Teddy Roosevelt….


Written by Valerie Curl

June 12, 2018 at 4:31 PM

2 Responses

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  1. First, may I respectfully suggest that you watch the following 2 minute video of Milton Friedman, the Nobel Prize winning economist, being interviewed on the old Phil Donohue TV Show on the subject of greed.

    While you blame greed for the many problems that you cite, you fail to understand that the “greed of the banksters” wasn’t caused by a flaw in the free enterprise system, but rather by interference in the banking sector of our (semi) free enterprise system. Specifically I refer you to the Community Reinvestment Act, the “CRA”, first proposed and then passed into law by Carter, and then expanded upon by Clinton. The “CRA” took the mortgage function of the banking industry out of the free market arena, by forcing the bankers to make mortgage loans to poor inner city folks who couldn’t qualify for mortgages on their own.

    The way the government coerced the bankers to make what ultimately turned out to be thousands of bad loans, was by threatening them with the loss of their FDIC affiliation. Without the ability to offer that Federal Govt insurance to their depositors, virtually all of those banks would have gone under quickly as their depositors withdrew their funds from those banks.

    While it won’t surprise you to learn that I detested Obama & his gang of thugs, in fact the blame for not stopping the collapse that hurt you falls more appropriately on the shoulders of Bush. By the time Obama got in, it was too late for him to stop it… not that I believe for a second that he would have if he could. Obama’s goal was simple. He wanted to bring down our country in order to pave the way for George Soros and his globalist cronies at the UN, to institute their “New World Order”. The only obstacle standing in their way of course, was an economically free and militarily strong America. Bush proved that it wasn’t necessary to be a democrat in order to be a Progressive. Bush, and the RINO’s of today who are trying to destroy Trump, (McCain, Graham, Ryan & McConnell, & others are just as guilty for the state we were in in 2016 as Obama imho.

    I want to urge you to also take the time to sit down, and watch (carefully) the Dinesh DeSouza movie, “Hillary’s America”. Unlike his previous 2011 film, “Obama’s America”, which was really all about Obama, his 2015 film, wasn’t just about Hillary. It’s sub-title, is ” The Secret History Of The Democratic Party”. I honestly believe that you will be shocked by the revelations that this film makes, and I can further assure you that they are all true. Watch the film with a yellow pad & a pencil, & take notes on all the things said in the film that you find difficult to believe, and then look up the facts on each point on your own, and come back to me here, if you can find any direct, empirical evidence that any of the claims in that film are untrue, I’d like to see it.

    I’m sorry you got hurt in the 2008 financial collapse. You weren’t alone. But it sounds like you’re starting to finally come to grips with the true facts about the liberal left, and I’d be happy to point you towards the correct answers to any questions you may have…


    Tom Paine

    June 12, 2018 at 5:31 PM

    • Whoops! I forgot to include the link after the 1st paragraph:

      Tom Paine

      June 12, 2018 at 5:37 PM

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