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I need some help. After reading about Trump’s proposed appointments and his transition team and what the entire GOP is planning, I am more than ever convinced it’s time to leave my beloved country. I may be too old and too sickened of heart to fight the coming battles for heart and health of our country. I am not a liberal by choice but by a heritage that goes back nearly 300 years to the earliest days of the MA and CT settlements.


Donald Trump during the Presidential Debates

Many among my family fought in the Revolutionary War and one received a medal from General Washington himself. In addition, nearly every side of my family, from those in Missouri, Kansas and Ohio to those in CT, Maine, Illinois and New York, fought to preserve the nation and end the evil of slavery during the Civil War. I have the pictures. My grandfathers fought in WWI and my father and uncles in WWII and Korea. My cousins in Vietnam and now my step-children wherever they are needed. I am proud of my family and their contributions to this great country. As someone who has moderately studied the history of my country, I am thoroughly ashamed by what I see occurring.

As a result of what I’m reading and seeing, including much Ku Klux Klan graffiti on walls, stores, and elsewhere, I am becoming far more serious about leaving the US. This decision hurts my heart. My family smuggled themselves out of England to avoid the anti-protestant ideology of King Charles. Others, as French Protestants, escaped to Holland and then to the English Isles to keep from being slaughtered by the French King because of their religious beliefs. Others from Scotland and Ireland were sent as slaves to the shores of US colonies because they sought freedom from England and freedom of religion.

Current background info on Trump Admin:

His transition team consists of bankers/investment CEOs, real estate moguls, supply siders (aka tax cutters for the wealthy), the disgraced New Jersey governor (2 high level members of his staff are on their way to jail and he may end up there too) and a steel mill owner as well as a large number of lobbyists. (I guess this is his version of clearing the swamp as he said during the campaign.)

Proposals for Cabinet offices include:

A rogues gallery of climate change deniers, major bank CEOs, oil company execs, and lobbyists from various industries. Yet, not one recognized economist or labor leader or foreign policy expert. It’s said that you can tell a person’s character by the company he keeps. If this melange of characters represent Trump, then heaven help everyone who is not supremely wealthy.

Already proposed legislation includes repealing Obamacare (The current plan takes 2 years to phase out completely Obamacare) with no replacement worked out except previously rejected GOP ideas that increase costs and leave millions more uninsured; overturning the Dodd-Frank financial regulations instituted after the financial meltdown in 2008l – thus, leaving Wall St free to go back to the same old practices and activities that causes the Great Recession and global financial meltdown; eliminating the CFPC, the agency that prevents financial companies  and banks from cheating consumers as in the recent Wells Fargo scam case; rolling back or eliminating environmental regs (and maybe the EPA altogether) so companies can pretty much do what they want, in the name of profits, regardless of the harm to the environment and the residents; dramatically cutting taxes for major companies and wealthy individuals while raising them on middle and low income people; block granting Medicaid with no restrictions so states could use that money for whatever choose; decreasing Medicaid and Food Stamp budgets by almost a 1/3 (if I’ve calculated correctly), leaving many millions of children facing homelessness and starvation; cutting medicare benefits while raising rates; increasing the retirement age for Social Security…and trying to privatize the program (a la IRAs that have worked so well vs pensions); eliminate head of household and individual deductions on tax filings so median and lower income families pay more in taxes with fewer deductions; eliminating taxes on investment income (i.e. dividends and sales of stocks) that basically only help the wealthy; reducing to corporate tax rates to 12% while leaving small business tax rates at current levels (if not higher); dramatically increased deficit spending (now that Obama will be out of office) on infrastructure (built with Chinese steel, etc – which is why the Chinese commodities markets climbed dramatically today); a trillion dollar expenditure on a wall between Mexico and the US that will be put on the national credit card; mass deportations of undocumented aliens and overturning the Obama rule that allowed undocumented young people to stay in the country, provided they attended college and did community service or joined the military; overturn Roe v Wade that allowed women  in consultation with their doctors to control their own reproductive system; and end all funding to Planned Parenthood which serves low income and college student women with all manner of women’s health screenings including cancer and STDs, birth control and family education, and lest one need reminding no where in the Bible does it discuss abortion, although it admonishes over and over again the need to take care widows and orphans, the sick and hunger, the homeless and forgotten, the helpless and forgotten; and finally – most disgusting of all – require Muslims to register with the government (disgustingly ugly shades of Nazi Germany’s treatment of Jews).

Getting back to real life:

If you naively think this extreme agenda won’t pass, I remind you that extreme far right Republicans now own both houses of Congress and soon the Supreme Court. The entire federal government will be under their control…and Trump, meanwhile, will rubber stamp all that they desire no matter the consequences to average citizens.

If Americans had any sense or knowledge of their own history, they’d see that the current Republican agenda smacks of the 1880s when workers were abused and killed on the job without repercussions, when full time workers lived in cold water flats because that’s all they could afford, when farmers were financially abused by Wall St banks and put out of business, when government sided with big business to steal private property for far less than market value, when small businesses were put out of business by government protected large businesses and organized business trade associations, and when collusion and corruption  – i.e. vote buying  – ran rampant through state, local and federal governments. But Americans don’t know their history…and don’t care to learn. They can barely remember what occurred ten years ago, let alone who the nation’s leaders are today. We’ve become a nation of idiots!

A strong and healthy nations is one with healthy and incorruptible institutions of government: legislatures, courts, law and justice. When belief in these institutions fail, nations fail. 

That is what is occurring right now and will be accelerated under a Trump adminstration. I can guarantee it. History provides ample examples.

Thus, my query:

I’m lucky in many respects in that I’m very old, retired, and a white person. But these GOP and Trump proposals which target the poor and desperate offends everything I was taught in Baptist Sunday school, offends everything Robert F. Kennedy taught me about caring for the poor and those left behind; offends everything I learned from the Old Testament Biblical prophets; offends everything I’ve read about Jesus in the New Testament – indeed it feels like Jesus is once again being crucified by the [money-grubbing] Romans and Pharisees; offends everything Jefferson, Madison and Washington wrote prior to the Continental Congress; offends Madison and Hamilton who wrote most of the Federalist papers; offends Jefferson’s Declaration of Independence; offends Franklin’s beliefs and ideals in a progressive republic; offends the very nature of a caring, compassionate and respectful humanity as Buddhists’ state. It offends decency itself.

I am no longer proud of this nation,  This nation that I have loved so dearly has now chosen a president who has gleefully stomped on every one of Ten Commandments, is vulgar and vile in speech and disrespectful of others in action, and cares nothing about anyone other than himself. If he is a symbol of what this country has become, then I want no part of it. While I hate leaving my beloved country, I all too much feel compelled to follow the precedent of my ancestors and leave.

So, my friends, help me if you will in finding somewhere in this world where compassion, respect, and understanding still exist. I am not wealthy…Wall St saw to that. As a result, many harmonious countries will not accept me as I don’t have the financial resources they require and I’m far too old now to start in business all over again. What I seek is peace and joy and contentment and respect for both nature and the people around me. If you will, please help me find such a place…and God willing, I can convince my family to go with me as I cannot live without them and the joy they bring me.


Written by Valerie Curl

November 10, 2016 at 8:53 PM

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  1. Try North Korea. It’s the best possible place for you to go to give you an idea of what America would have become if Hillary got elected…….

    Either that, or just grow up already, and watch and see what happens to this country after the end of Trump’s 1st term…. Maybe seeing for yourself how the free market works will finally pound some sense into your head…


    (There Ain’t No Such Thing As A Free Lunch!)


    F. Swemson

    November 10, 2016 at 11:31 PM

    • Have you ever been in North Korea? Or in Eastern Europe in the past? Or in Cuba?
      Have you ever been in a part of the world where “free market” has the same meaning as “dirty game”?
      I suppose not. Believe me, I have lived in such country. We had ideology, but we weren’t stupid.
      USA now is more deluded now than any of those countries. At least there nobody truly believed the president is so eagerly wanting to rule to work hard for the sake of the people and to make everyone happy and wealthy.
      No matter what is his real agenda, he is already used and will be eventually sacrifized by the people around him. The bad thing is that people will take long time to realize the big lie they were told.
      And you are right – no free lunch here. NEVER! People want someone else to resolve their problems.
      Educated immigrants from Asia take our jobs – deport them!
      Businesses are moving abroad – put them taxes!
      Fracking is destroying the nature – damned enviromentalists!

      My question is – do you think all this will be free lunch to you?

      God bless… others part of the world

      Rossi Yan

      November 11, 2016 at 3:15 AM

      • I’ve seen the way totalitarian governments treat their citizens, and that’s why I’m so glad that Hillary lost. I, and the others who voted for Trump, aren’t looking for a free lunch. We can take care of ourselves. We would however, like to keep more of what we earn, and stop paying for the free lunch that our government has been providing to so many others, both here and abroad.

        We were promised life, liberty and the FREEDOM to pursue our own happiness. Nobody ever promised us happiness…. Or homes, or food, or free medical care. We were just guaranteed the FREEDOM to pursue it on our own. But that freedom is meaningless if we’re not allowed to keep the fruits of our labors. Government doesn’t create jobs, business does. Government doesn’t create prosperity or wealth. Free people in pursuit of their own rational happiness and prosperity do…

        Both Hillary and Obama are communists. Their mutual hero was Saul Alinsky. Google Alinsky & Hillary, and look into Obama’s background. Their history is clear for all to see. Read Hillary’s masters thesis on Alinsky. Learn about the Cloward Piven strategy. Find out about Obama’s mentor Frank Marshall Davis.. a communist, pedophile & pornographer. I’m not making this stuff up.

        The “dirty game” you refer to is the “crony capitalism” that we’ve seen in the last 8 years under Obama. We haven’t seen a TRUE free market in this country since the 1890’s. It wasn’t a dirty game back then because the government wasn’t deeply involved in business. In the few cases when they did interfere, such as the early railroads, they screwed up everything they touched, and they still do so to this day.

        Human activity has virtually NO effect on climate change. It’s all natural, & CO2 its one of the basic building blocks of life. Without it, NOTHING would be green.

        Remember what I’m telling you, and then look back in 4 years to the surge of growth & prosperity that will occur after Trump’s first term.

        Then, do yourself a favor & read “Atlas Shrugged” where the truth about virtually everything will be fully explained to you. If you can make the crucial step of opening up your mind to some new ideas, and stop believing everything you hear from the media & the far left, you’re going to be in for a very pleasant surprise.


        F. Swemson

        November 12, 2016 at 1:15 AM

        • I didn’t see your answer, just words.
          WHERE did you see the communist ruling? In which country? WHEN?

          All you say is just propaganda. I have seen it a lot!~
          No, thanks.

          BTW, my country forbids fracking and we told Shevron to go home.
          We don’t need “free market” to ruin our nature.
          We listen to the voice of people. THIS is democracy.

          Rossi Yan

          November 12, 2016 at 8:09 AM

          • In the late 60’s I fought the communists in Vietnam. But the truth about communism isn’t that difficult for everyone to see. Just look at the historical record of the massive number of people murdered by Stalin, Mao, and the other tyrants & dictators.

            And you’re wrong about fracking ruining the environment… however, that’s not to say that companies like Chevron, aren’t guilty of exploitation of the environment in many locations. The one that comes to mind is Ecuador, but the damage they did there wasn’t a result of fracking.

            I’ve also seen the mess that the communist government made of the environment in Russia.

            A free market “capitalist” system doesn’t have to let businesses destroy the environments where they operate. We’ll still have laws that punish anyone doing damage to the environment. Besides, these days, the eventual costs to such companies of such practices after the courts get through with them, make it economically impractical for them to pollute like they used to, especially now that so many people are environmentally aware.

            This does not however change the fact that the Global Warming / climate change hysteria was and is a complete hoax. Do you understand the composition of our atmosphere and what % of it CO2 actually represents. When you ask the average person what that number is, the typical answer averages about 15% to 20%. The truth is far different. Our atmosphere consists of 78% nitrogen & 21% oxygen. All of the other gases reside in the remaining 1%, 0.93% of which is argon, and 0.04% of which is CO2.But of total CO2, only 4% comes from human activity, That means that only 0.0016% of our atmosphere is man-made CO2.

            Anyone who actually believes that such an infinitesimal amount of a clear, odorless and tasteless trace gas that all plants need to grow, is a significant cause of climate change, has never stood outside on a hot, bright & sunny day and felt the temperature drop dramatically when a cloud rolls in and blocks the sun. All one needs to understand what a monstrous hoax this is some plain old common sense.

            Think about this, and do a little research on your own to verify what I said, and then consider the following question: If the far left progressives have been lying to everyone about this basic scientific fact, how can you believe anything else they’ve been telling us about?


            F. Swemson

            November 12, 2016 at 3:45 PM

  2. Would it be OK if I cross-posted this article to WriterBeat.com? There is no fee; I’m simply trying to add more content diversity for our community and I thougaht this was well-written. I’ll be sure to give you complete credit as the author. If “OK” please let me know via email.


    Autumn Cote

    October 9, 2017 at 1:48 AM

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