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Daebak (Jackpot) Queries, Post Episode 10 ~ History vs Fiction, in one of the most fascinating eras of Joseon history, and What Happens

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I’ve just finished watching the fully subbed version of Ep 10 of #Daebak. So, here some questions to ponder before the next episode.


1) When Chae-geon referred to the Tiger that could move mountains he once knew and adored and to whom Dae-gil reminded him, to what person was he referring?

2) Do Dae-gil and Yeoning become friends at some point after rescuing Dam-seo?

3) Are Dae-gil & Yeoninggun working in concert? They both wear In-jwa’s old white masks and are both coming at In-jwa from different angles, converging on him, but have they coordinated their efforts?

4) If they’re not working in concert, why did they both choose to use In-jwa’s old gambling masks at the same time?

5) What is Sukjong, if he’s still alive at this point, up to? He’s a master at playing politics, and from the look on his face when he dismisses Yeoninggun, telling him not to investigate further, he’s deciding on something. Who is he going to use and what is he going to do to bring down Yi In-jwa?

6) And what about Dam-seo? Does she just disappear? Where will she again appear? And what will she do now that she’s been disabused of her long held beliefs regarding her father’s death? Will she too choose revenge? If so, to whose camp will she choose to use her skills, Dae-gil’s or Yeoninggun’s?

7) Speaking of characters, when will Gye Sul Im show up again? And how will she, as a Busan gisaeng, help Dae-gil?

8) What about Kim Chang-jib, a previous Minister to Qing under a Cultural Exchange Program who has returned after 17 years, in 1712, and is now the new leader of the Noron party? He’s an actual historical person associated with the Noron Faction, although information on him is difficult to find. Nevertheless, what does he do to thwart In-jwa whom he finds objectionable?

9) Meanwhile, what about Crown Prince Yoon (aka King Gyeongjong)? Although he is politically aligned via his mother and her family to the Sorons, he’s a weak Crown Prince and King due to illness and, historically, a weak character who was easily swayed by whomever got to him first. (His reign as King only lasted 4 years.) But what does he do; does he continue to protect In-jwa?

Aside from the gambling aspect and the character Dae-gil, none of the historical aspects of this drama are too far off the possibilities of the historical record. Yi In-jwa did lose his family in the 1680 Gyeongsin Hwanguk purge. His father and grandfather both had been high officials in the Joseon government, but their downfall destroyed In-jwa’s future. So, even while the Annuals (not in English yet) don’t state the reasons for In-jwa’s Revolt in 1728, it’s not hard to imagine his scheming and planning a revolt against Sukjong and his son, King Yeongso (aks Yeoninggun/Prince Yeoning). Nor is it hard to imagine the other historical figures – Sukjong, Yeoninggun, Crown Prince Yoon, Kim Chang-jib, and even Suk Bin – acting as they do in this drama.

Personally, I think the scriptwriter, Kwon Soon-Gyu, has done a masterful job of distilling 30 years of Joseon history into one 24 episode fictionalized account. He’s blended the factional history of one of Joseon’s most dynamic kingship eras with a fictional story of gambling, revenge, and honor. It’s like reading a great suspenseful novel, filled with any number of heroes and villains, almost villains, greedy side characters, sorrowful characters, and great schemers. It’s a mystery, a thriller, and a fictionalized history all rolled into one…like a Steve Berry novel that combines history, mystery, and thrilling adventure into one magnificent tale.

But it requires an engaged mind, rather than being simple mindless entertainment, to enjoy this drama. Nevertheless, I am sure it will stand out as one of 2016’s best dramas.



Written by Valerie Curl

April 26, 2016 at 9:37 PM

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  1. gran drama. Excelente en todos los sentidos, grandes actores.

    isabel silva

    April 27, 2016 at 5:21 AM

  2. So many questions…so many plots…just wonder what will happen when King Sukjong dies in 1720 and the weak Crown Prince follow him up..he reined for 4 years (according to history) than follows Yeongjo …so the revolt of In Jwa (1728) is in the reign of King Yeongjo….is his brother “brother” Daegil to be his keeper …
    That tiger who moves mountains can only be King Sukjong…Daegil reminds him of the King but he doesn’t know that Daegil is actually Sukjong’s blood, his copy…is this why in the beginning at the chest game Chae Geon is by his side to protect him??..the chestgame was right after the revolt or in the middle of it…

    Mamacri Chan

    April 27, 2016 at 4:26 PM

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