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Soo Jung **

Chungnam National University, Professor, Department of Communication

This study is an injury to a top star in Japan, Hallyu star Jang Geun Suk is special to the Japanese fans were investigated through discourse analysis, such as how the audience consisting of fans as a star persona and stakeholders involved in-depth interviews and observations, and media articles. Jang Geun Suk will perform here dealt with the subject of symbolic strategies as well as one symbol to be analyzed at the same time actively involved in the negotiation of the fan means. Study, Japanese fans of Jang Geun Suk is yes slim body that embodies the screen means the appearance of ppeun man ‘, a neutral charm sikimyeo existing Korea’s male stars’ muscular’ masculinity differentiated obscuring the boundaries between men and women there was. On the other hand, through the roll call strategy fans as ‘eel’ Jang Geun Suk has emphasized their sexuality and men had to activate a sexual fantasy of female fans. Finally, Jang Geun Suk’s “geunjjang ‘designation and free-spirited attitude, and Japanese communication method and celebrate obtain the intimacy, the fans were and beautification to emphasizing the Jang Geun Suk’s’ spontaneity’ and ‘inside’ him ‘real’ person . That is, the difference between celebrities and fans of national discourse, discourse of sexuality, intimacy and individualism were so high as to hameu leaning discourse on the imaginary boundary resource settings dynamically build a star persona with a fan ties with transnational.

KEYWORDS Korean, Jang Geun Suk, star, celebrity, persona, transnational culture, Japan, Bae Yong

* This article 2010 Year of government funding ( Ministry of Education Humanities and Social strengthen research capacity expenses ) was a study funded by the National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF-2010-327-B00797).

** sukim@cnu.ac.kr

1. Introduction

The drama aired in 2010 in Japan, Fuji TV <You’re Beautiful> records the same time, the ratings first place. He said breaking the record of ‘Winter Sonata’ a number of DVD rentals exceeded 450 million times becomes the star fame. March 2011, 3,500 people molrim in Ibaraki airport when visiting Japan. It may be sold in Japan Chapter 10 000 11 9,000 CD in the first week of its debut album as a singer and figured, record Oricon weekly chart one man and solo artist recording his debut album called ’30 euron leaving only Japan standing. July first photo book sold 5 million copies in the reservation. Japan’s top male talent sum of 90 million yen per episode 1, being (at that time about 12 billion 270 million won) in the ad appeared, the guide makgeolli is asking us to refrain from ordering more’ve been known as makgeolli sold ad in which he appeared. 7 wolen weekly magazine <ah la> The term “Bae Yong Joon was comparable to, or exceed it exists,” he said. 10 wolen entertainment magazine “Nikkei Entertainment” is examined in the past the times Yong Hallyu star popularity ranking on the uphill one. Japanese arena tour in October 60,000 tickets being sold out in five minutes. 2011 sales of only 50 billion … Japanese star Jang Geun Suk. 1)

But short Korean history untested than 20 years, already South Korea drama actor or K-Pop as a national produces an enthusiastic fan base seconds star in the world is an idol injuries are doing. 2) In fact, second as a national star injured in South Korea star has already Wave seconds from group , that is the end of the 1990s Ahn Jae Wook and Cha and China’s HOT in the fandom was visible from the server. 3) , and its peak there, you know well the drama ‘winter

  1. 1) which it is presented ganchuryeo some of a number of indicator points to the star Jang popular in Japan .
  2. 2) Korean Wave of Korea dramas , pop music , popular or avid consumption phenomenon in popular culture such as movies overseas to Korea means .

There is. Yonsama phenomena South Korea and Japan, social, academic and cultural industries all gives an impact to the phase and power that can have a star entertainer Korea renewed was the case made ​​to think. In particular, Bae Yong Joon called Star One person likes this ripple that if economic effect is estimated of about 1.0072 trillion of any economic Laboratories 4) Indeed handling of the star itself as the main export products and industrial systems, public discourse stylized spreading, actually the star system by strengthening global and Korean star Matthew marketing was becoming the key strategies of the culture industry.

But it does not stop the stars are simply cultural products for profits . It is such a product that can be a star to work the desire of the masses and express the value and because it is leading to the identification of the most popular social symbol (Gledhill, 1991, p. 16 ). So look transnational there is a star that negotiations continue and it is surrounded by certain values ​​and discourses of society to which they belong as well hoeppun four fans belong. And the fans also take advantage of the emergence of transnational Star from different cultures into a new symbolic resources that make up your taste and identity and consumes enthusiastically. Therefore task of how hallyu star review in the local culture consumers to the Are configured and decrypted as clothing incorporating the meaning of the context that we negotiate a new desire and value-is a national early as text and practices that mediate communication between today’s culture rudder’s essential to reveal the meaning.

  1. 3) Korean star refers to the star gained popularity through the Korean Wave . Of course, the K-pop Hallyu stars that In this article, I wrote in that it does not distinguish between Korea and Korean star star .
  2. 4) Japan’s Daiichi ( 第一) According to Life Research Institute analysis , Bae Yong Joon is one , one economic ripple effect that the two countries 2004 by the end of year 2300 billion yen ( approximately 2 1 trillion 3,000 one hundred million won ), South Korea is only 1072 billion yen (1 one trillion 72 billion won ) was estimated to be ( JoongAng Ilbo , 2004-12-20). http://article.joins.com/news/article/article.asp?total_id=426893

Star of the share of national production and consumption of the early 21st century pop culture

Given the required location, research on transnational forms of Hallyu star reveals an aspect of cultural globalization as well as the nature of popular culture is very important in that naendaneun de dollars a wide range of issues. But flood of studies focusing on the relationship among Korean research focused on the star or stars and fans are very scarce reality. Moreover, in different pop culture history and context to consider in depth the Korean position and prisoners of cultural practices in the country with the environmental studies lack circumstances (gimsujeong, 2012), different Hallyu stars in the cultural context carved discourse and consumption practices the signification is question of how to form the relationships are never handled properly. The stars formed in a particular country that Korea is no different in language and culture, countries still have the desire of the community members Is it because of what it can be? Hallyu star that does what it might be subject to the representations and their desire, yet fans who live in the community are how to detox and Korean star treated as a special presence in other societies? And consumption and the supranational Korean star Will tastes and ties, cultural practices that fans will share how to connect with celebrities and fans of national or cultural identity issues?

This study attempts to analyze the way be regarded as a complex meaning and signification discursive constructions that are received through the symbolic system hallyu star, star Korean star has been configured as a transnational cross-border acceptance of special significance. Specifically, the star persona Hallyu star Jang Geun Suk in Japanese about it is formed and accepted by the joint and dislocation (disarticulation) with various discourses, Hallyu stars have to consider whether that is positioned in any sense in the context of Japanese popular culture will. The study ultimately aims to contribute as our understanding of the star standing in transnational flows of culture and nature as well as the location to accommodate the fans Hallyu star to broaden the understanding of the community.

2. theoretical discussion

1) Star / theoretical discussion on Celebrity 5)

Prior to starting a theoretical discussion of the problems star terms first cleanup is necessary to. “Star” is a term that was used in the theater from the 18th century , through the boom of the 20th century, the United States Hollywood as the world of everyday vocabulary spot was catch (Dyer, 1979, p. 169 ). Meanwhile, the “celebrity (celebrity) ‘is a term also as synonymous with’ Star ‘mix without distinction by scholars used came (for example, Boorstin, 1961 & Dyer, 1979 ), the last ten years the Western academia and Western media very frequently appeared and replaced the term ‘star’ go there. What is the reason?

This is associated with two levels. First, as with the advent of digital media is saturated with more social media, popular culture as well as politics, economy, society, through the media without cover routine such areas and areas known for easily receiving lot of attention figures have emerged explosively the point is (Marshall, 2006; Rojek, 2001;. Turner, 2004, p 4). So give the image that encompasses all sectors and regions compared to activities became familiar term ‘star’ in popular culture such as movies or sports station sseup, ‘Celebrity’ does not evoke a particular field. Second, the phrase ‘Celebrity’ is the preferred term is related to the general performers are at once a celebrity pop culture phenomena of the production it seems to pop botmul since 2000 reality show. The ‘Celebrity’ is not having any intrinsic merit on its own reputation (Marshall, 2006, p. 313), that only geolro famous’ celebrity

5) Celebrity is a celebrity may be translated, but not a reason to be unnatural ilsangeo , yet here one was marked Selena tee Brie in that it started using a celebrity as in the media .

A ‘(famous for being famous) people only one (Boorstin, 1961, p 58; .. Duffett, 2013, p 291). In other words, the “Star” is a term which ‘famous media has coined’ charisma and talent (technologies, such as acting or singing) famous people with ‘is your not a favorable nuances I’ Celebrity ‘is compared to term the neutral nuances which have the status quo and emphasize the results of. So stand plainly, the serial killer also receive the attention of the mass media saenggimyeon fans to him, or follow imitating be able to be considered a celebrity. 6) the Celebrity term in this context is used in the recent more routinely in the Western media, but 7) in that sense the ‘star’ and the same thing as opposed to a generalized and two terms as a qualitative sense can lead to academic chaos. 8)

The actor and singer Jang Geun Suk in terms of belonging to a typical mass culture industry star will be mainly used .

8) For example , hongseokgyeong (2013) is a star is exceptional artists formed their own discourse to , and celebrity through the media presence and personal life exposed in the web culture of detainees involved have built a personal identities the provisions in the celebrity (163 ~ 173). and there Tagawa’s the antipodes point of celebrity ” (166 pages ) and description, and star and celebrity deulyija exist with heterogeneous nature , thus differentiating as terminology . so, idol is a celebrity and , Jang Geun Suk’s the place closer closer point to the star identity of the accompanying meta discourse with the characters ” (174 pages ) argues . that is hongseok Sir star personality in the popular culture like star in Celebrity there and separate the two terms, as being changed to . this usage is omitted generalized respective historical context and , related to general use of the scientific literature and also can lead to confusion rather than advantage in different there .

Uh it has been developed by sociologists. Typical parts scholar Daniel Austin (Boorstin, 1961/2004, pp. 92~102) has been made in the presence of only one (fabricated) assembled to meet the expectations of excessive Celebrity ranran human greatness, kind of fake events (pseudo- criticized by event) and a fake human being. Also to be regarded as’ one of (manufactured) as a special system of capitalist production, the film stars Ed moraeng research (Morin, 1958/1992, pp.137~ 143) is also the ‘star’.

But seeing the celebrity only operation (manipulation) of capitalism and commercialism overlook the fact that cultural products to the Celebrity represent our cultural values ​​and desires and at the same time structuring it. Related to the star of the first and most academic discussions systematic review and theorized by Richard Dyer (Dyer, 1979, pp.38~40), the actual operation is always successful because all the star Ron operations rely on a passive acceptance model party It points out that it is a small overlook the fact that it does not shift. Also criticized the scholars who emphasize the “star as a manipulation that Star negative image having information not the old review by volume what, and Dyer argues that the image of the star genie disclose the social and cultural functions and meanings.

Productive social function having a cell rev utility can be largely explained by three aspects lead. First, inde point that they gave the public social (para-social) interaction through Celebrity, whereby prisoners that they compensate for the loss or modification of the community in the modern consumer society (Turner, 2004, p.23). To object (Rojek, 2001, pp.51~100) is going to organize emphasized that in the West, particularly the decline Celebrity culture yamalro perform integrated social features. Second, the cell rev utility provides a place for intense negotiations to construct a cultural identity

That is. In other words, it shows the system, yet the individual spectacle

It will also house a judgmental place to configure the identity (Marshall, 1997). Third, by celebrity it operates as the symbol which means is that as some jeongyeonghwa and pushing conceal or transposition of action fundamentally different mechanism constituting the discourse junction. Not only, Celebrity Western literature are the main neck particular ideological function that hade in implementing democratic discourse and the discourse of individualism, capitalism and consumption of discourse Celebrity performed (Boorstin, 1961/2004; Dyer, 1979/1995; Marshall, 1997; Rojek, 2001; Turner, 2010).

Richard Dyer (Dyer, 1979) presented a comprehensive understanding of the movie star is claimed should approach the total economic star in three dimensions is. First, to identify a star as the ideological and social phenomena that are produced and consumed as a cultural product and at the same time, the second is to analyze treat the star as a symbol, and acting as text in the character and, third, surrounding the specific text of the film all kinds of media to capture the text that will form the whole image as a star. Graham Turner (Turner, 2004, p.9) in such contexts also, a celebrity, and “promoting, advertising, products sold by the media industry”, while a “genre and discursive effects of reproduction”, “social functions defined as having cultural construction. ” In other words, these researchers argue that rather than as individuals with certain innate qualities or special celebrity understood as a discursive form coming reproduce.

When you stand on these terms, who have transformed the book into existence with the human aspect in the divine presence (Dyer, 1979, pp.54~56) be able to understand the changes in contemporary discourse star. In addition, it is possible television replaced cinema and dominant pop culture media as, those that are no longer without relying on mystique star personality to peoseunaelreoti (personality) to build the ‘intimacy’ with viewers change can also be found (Langer, 2006; Lusted, 1991, p.143). So David Marshall (Marshall, 1997, pp.185~199) If you are a movie star is working through the “discourse of individualism ‘, a television peoseunaelreoti is through the’ intimacy idea ‘, and music stars through the” discourse of authenticity “Fans He argues that distinguish build and perform a specific meaning in the consumer community. Thus can change depending on the genre of the media industry as well as the star of the production methods also vary the characteristics and meaning.

Complex Symbol constituents of the Celebrity production across the media and various discourses and approaches of cultural researchers to understand media practices are brighter Korea Stein ‘Jang’ how signification as a supranational star in Japan Rather is the study It provides a theoretical basis. It is what the actor is the star beyond the sum total of his acting been for him, it means he must learn to acquire a new meaning that can not be controlled (Belton, 2005/2008, p.120). That there is to the formation of all the things that they and the characters in the delayed drama image as a performer formed by several characters, and even reality in the gossip and events occurring around him, and the media and commentary about him distribution, it Dyer (Dyer, 1979/1995) is called a ‘holistic star image. This paper is based on this understanding of the celebrity, not the inner nature or properties of the individual ego Cell Rev utility, being distributed through the media, is also facing a variety of discursive mutually constitutive practices between the actors and the media and the audience fans It will be accessible.

However, the discussion regarding western Celebrity are exposed to the limitations in some respects. The biggest problem is the high point of the four celebrity only in a single country level. This is despite the Hollywood star and immediately transnational Star

Do not take the fans and beyond the United States as the main star of the discursive act

As evident in the fact that only two accidents ideological categories of capitalism and individualism. In other words, the state can not find a problem that consciousness can be an important category in the Rhone-Dame-dimensional relationship between the star and fan transnational done at a historical or political ties between the countries were uncomfortable. Therefore, what the scope of national discourse and said other interventions made a connection with the consumption and interpretation of the Star, another discussion about what its cultural and political implications are difficult to find.

Second, Celebrity is the recipient or despite existing tenure can not be considered without the presence of fans and star studies in the West are mainly mainly focus on the nature of the star as a media product tailored fans composed a star meaning and use of the discourse of the way the discussion has not fully taken into account for. 9) as well as inmates Dame Ron is active in the subject of US action to produce a star means at the point maven impact on the discourse of the media discourse is also a fan in the big batjiman effect, station by the media discourse as it is necessary to pay attention to the discourse of fans.

Third, except for Dyer, and one of the blind spots with traditional cultural studies to approach the star in the discourse that the media industry and the role of advertising and public relations company has noticed yet jeongjak sign that produces itself as a particular sign as a star producer as principal of the production practices of individual stars is that neundaneun not covered enough. However, it is necessary to also deal with the star as the star performer discourse nine involved sex symbol across the Lone Star performer in terms of building their own particular image of strategically against the fans and the media.

9) Conversely , fandom studies to follow Henry Jenkins are usually dumped only interested in practice of the fans to focus on the genre text , jeongjak discussion on fandom focused on the star has been neglected (Duffett, 2013). That star literature fandom research and the neglect , fandom research has been neglected in the stars

A year over the specific media or field multi-entertainer throughout several areas (eg, singer and actor, TV actor) when seen in the recent context of the entertainment industry that mass (gimsujeong and gimsuah, 2013), Marshall (Marshall, 1997) like to separately assume the dominant media discourse, depending on the specific sector or thing shall have the limit. Actor Jang Geun Suk is also the subject of analysis of this study and also a television actor and singer who released an album and live performances. Therefore, it is necessary to understand the action of the discourse to more complex. In this respect, this study will be able to find its significance as an attempt to go beyond the theoretical limits of the existing Western studies.

This study is the term ‘persona Star “for the symbol analysis of a star and you want to use. 10) a performer is what has built the star persona actor is beyond the sum of the image formed through multiple character actor himself can not control the building does not mean that a new meaning or image (Belton, 2005, p.120). This Dyer (Dyer, 1979) said, the actor his character in the annual period drama, and as a performer images, and even gossip and events surrounding the actors in the reality of, and commentary are distributed with the media formed by several characters total Huh ever it made ​​as may be agreed with the “rudder’s overall image. When the star persona, not the concept of internal character and personal attributes of the star used as a discourse that constructs distribution is formed through the media, actors, media discourse, and audience fans

10) ‘ persona literally means is jichinghan masks role they wrote in ancient Greek stage . (Belton, 2005, p. 117) belteun is to distinguish between the persona and star persona of the actor , which can lead to confusion in just take the concept of persona star , persona instead of the actors characters it will take the concept .

Revealing that the mutually constitutive practices in a more three-dimensional helpful between

Everything .

2) the terms of the Hallyu star study the approaches

As over 15 years of Korean history Korean studies are pouring in bulk came out , but the research is very scant attention to the Korean star reality. Nevertheless, despite the existing research on the Korean star greatly depending on the focus and approach to three can be seen divided by type, through a representative study of the advantages and limitations of non- placing of this study uihago in association with the existing paper-party The.

The first is a sort of fandom type of research, overseas fans are focused on garaneun acceptance in practice and how to accommodate a Hallyu star, and hard-jangsuhyeon (2004) may be a ‘no jaeuk’ fans studies. The authors why I like Korean early in the late 1990s and early 2000s, first in Korea opened towed off the wide popularity in mainland China, “Chinese fans of actor and singer,” Ahn Jae Wook ‘as (p. 238) are accommodated in some way It analyzes do. According to the study, eager fan base Ahn Jae Wook’s fan base and 20s urban middle class distinct from idol group is not because of the popularity of Ahn Jae Wook will be a star to lead the “new fashion these forms from the 20 Chinese fans – the growth process explain that because it is possible that people who meet in a relatively conservative and traditional values ​​”(p. 256-257). This allows authors raise the issue of early Korean studies to treat prisoners as a homogenous group of Korean homogeneity to refute the thesis of cultural globalization.

And hard-jangsuhyeon (2004), the biggest advantage is holistic (holistic) approach to the anthropology of Korean audience research (eg, interviews with questionnaire investigation, Ahn Jae Wook affiliated agency workers through a fan site of Ahn Jae Wook, with local fans It is that he interviews, participant observation for fans of the Bureau of the Korea camp, two articles refer to the media, etc.). However, this study reveals the limits of handling virtually stars, as well as value by recognizing its actual figures and the like, and access, many other Korean audience research and response and data Similarly prisoners as objective information or evidence rather than discourse.

The second is the study of discourse can be a type of research, a Japanese Bae Yong Joon fan community is yangeungyeong reflections through the family discourse analysis bulletin (2006). This study is treated as the end of the article itself, the fans create a discourse about the star and regulated discourse at the same time. According to the authors, the Japanese female fans were critical reflection in relation to South Korea, as well as do build their collective identity of the expanded reproduction to accept the “family discussion” by Bae Yong Joon suggests reaches. 11) , especially through family discourse fans Bae Yong by defining the relationship between a non-sexual and analyzes that put a stop to political star Bae Yong-joon’s nationality Japan’s involvement in nationalistic discourse that you want to use. The big attraction and benefits section of this study is looking at the comments of the fans themselves as discursive practices, family discourse to share with baeyong gave the ‘other social practices “(eg, nationalism Dame loans, heterosexual discourse on Bae Yong Joon fan a disparaging look at the implications of the culture that you want to view politics stand in the epidemiological relationship between discourse, etc.).

In addition, yangeungyeong (2006) on the official fan site “Many fans expressed a favorable impression on the masculine appeal of Bae Yong Joon,” but soon defend fans for the appearance of justifying a crush on smoke turns the attention to slouching in Japan I’m

11) yangeungyeong (2006) and analysis ahead of the same board and hamhanhui you perform a small group interviews , in order heoin (2005) reveals the appearance of resolutely area when the family discourse and critical reflection from Bae Yong Joon fans, but , the latter discursive stories of fans the components that are dealing with factual information as well as earlier and harder , jangsuhyeon (2004) looks similar to the limit .

It is interpreted as a strategy (p. 216, 225). And fans facing the road security for Bae Yong Joon’s girlfriend were ‘girlfriend is objectionable point is called too young Naira early twenties, “” marriage period is mind hoping postponed after several years’ called from expressing researchers (p. 217) represents to capture their “inconvenient planting” and “ambivalent feelings.” This suggests that there is a need for further studies after digging a problem for between sexual fantasy is not fully subsumed in the family discourse, Wave M and Wave star female fans, causing it to crack.

The third is a research type analysis of the symbolic strategies of the star, the South Korea singer Jung Ji Hoon (Non, rain) Jun Gi (Shin, 2009) traced the strategy and its cultural meaning of the Korea Entertainment agency with an image change research can. He de Lama <Full House> as the Hallyu star is the name of the ‘Jung Ji Hoon’ changed to ‘rain’, it is changed into “Rain (Rain) ‘when the right’ Korea ‘,’ Asia ‘, and as’ American’ Unveils been a strategy of the consumer market, aiming agency. This is a place of contention given that he is the star of a very specific and symbolic value, gives him over the beam itself is interesting that the ‘sign’ as a marketing product that can be charged with meaning. That is, the symbol, not a star real person (or discourse constituents) as a recognized and (weather agency also has the most well recognized and utilized the point beyond academics!) Signifying process described in the production side of the agency’s strategy symbol it is that the biggest advantage of this study 12) However, the star marketing before and confirmed by the strategy and target audience that success by default, in the sense that the meaning of a star depends on the discourse and interaction that fans are mobilized When considered together Tuesday decipher the meaning of the fans according to the change of the name as though good

12) four styles of K-Pop as a strategy of the agency to differentiate idol ( acute Code , sexual codes , retro Code , Post Pop code ) yidongyeon by the analysis of semiotic (2012) could be included in the research for this study types will .

Although all three studies dealing with the Korean Wave star, leaving Ashdod Stadium has itself not linked to the theoretical literature and discussion surrounding the star limited to the “Korean Wave research ‘in common. However, in the continuation of the study of access and outcomes, this study is a supranational star in Japanese society considers Hallyu star Jang group as the family means complex, which it Tuesday decrypt Jang their symbolic practices and Chapter geunseok means through the consumption practices of prisoners it will examine the configuration that the discourse level .

3. In the context of the study and research methods

In comparison with the last name Bae Yong Joon. Also known as Bae Yong-joon’s passionate fan base among the elderly, as well as yeoseongcheung attracted to young yeoseongcheung there in that also Jang is difficult to avoid comparisons with Bae Yong Joon. In such a point as an actor standing star Bae Yong Joon is one image building in Japan, the Japanese fans Jang acceptance are mobilized by discursive resources when. In other words, Jang Geun Suk is in some vacuum means , rather than get as the ideal star prior to his advent be granted to Bae Yong Joon that sign took the hearts of the female prisoners of receive given a certain value of in comparison of beauty It puts place in the semantic network

It is. Therefore, in the past it means that the Japanese know the other Bae Yong Joon also entertainment

Or as if the stars and formed in comparison, the study also Jang and pears discussion on explicit or implicit differences between the Jang Yong are the implications will be essential to understanding and contextualization.

In addition, Jang means of a star, it is necessary to point out that the interests of drama Korea or Japan for many K-pop star Bae Yong-joon and in the context of future work. If the fan whoever they are semantically composed in comparison with other stars like the uniqueness of a star and to build distinct. And by following consumption of their star goes out to his own also consists of specific identities. The stars are cross can be regarded as the symbol back to get the meaning, depending on differences, uniqueness of star fans found the default is the discursive configuration that is created and shared by family volumetric difference between the enemy to another symbol . In this regard, the Japanese fans are the two properties by a special of Korea Star is an excellent acting skills (or vocals) and integrity to emphasize the common enemy are meant to be recognized and granted by the distinction with Japanese star. 13) , and these means As it has been granted that the Korean star Jang Geun Suk also need to mention in advance.

2) Research Methods

How to take advantage of this study was to observe and participate in in-depth interviews, also in Jang was discourse analysis by collecting relevant data for newspapers and magazines. As a sign ‘s rudder signification process beyond the discourse of many small individual text like drama

13) This study Hallyu star Jang the supranational star as establish itself meaningful, because focusing on the screen when the pharmaceutical description of the generalities or commonalities as other Hallyu stars that were omitted . Detailed information on this separate It will be discussed in the paper .

It was used flexibly.

Participant observation and interviews were conducted mainly stayed in Japan for about one months over the January to 2 February 2012, additional interviews took place a week and stay February 2013. Participant observation is an open seat at the Osaka Kyocera Dome muscle January 2012 12 2 <You Pet> Jang observed in stage performances by participating in the event bus tour. Interviews can be divided into two categories total, the first one is the various age Jang of Korean female fans and the general (Drama, K-Pop) are prisoners. There fan of Chapter geunseok is known as female fans did not find Jang’s fan from Young Nam provinces by the actual investigators interviewed. 14) , as the two who call INTERVIEW class is called practitioners or specialists in the field who Hallyu industry, Japan is Korea Korean magazine journalist and TV distribution and sales representative man and a woman worker. While they themselves are engaged in the design and over 10 years of Wave-related business with Korean fans have a rich understanding of Korean female fans. A description thereof, it was used as a discourse materials that supplement the quantitative or qualitative limits of the limited number of interviews performed with a short period of time. Both classes were introduced through acquaintances by default. However, in addition to the first snowball rolling How to introduce your friends again if female fans of Jang Geun Suk, and is only found on the event site was the scene interviews also give interviews to see you again in Tokyo after receiving a contact. Interviewees a total of 21 people, and the group met five stars in Chapter event prefecture has a population interviews, interviews with two people

14) 4 interviewed five Japanese male students, but no deep interest in Jang Geun Suk and Korean real interview 20 was difficult to last more than minutes . They interviewed the list <1> was not listed in . In this study, in Jang consumption of Men It says that it is not dealing with the gender differences between detainees and female prisoners .

Table 1. list of interview participants

Name (pseudonym) Gender -specific age belong
Anzai female 50 mid The main Korean daily newspaper journalist
Ito female Early 40 Korea Drama importers and distributors, directors
Kimura south 60 mid Korea Drama importer and distributor, representative
Ayumi female Early 40 Korean Tokyo University lecturer
Yuki female Early 40 Wave monthly magazine journalist
Fujita female Mid-20s postgraduate student
Abe female 50 mid Japanese magazine edited Planning Manager Production Division
Hanako female Late 40s Korean magazine journalist
Hirata female Late 40s Office workers
Gacheuoh female Early 50 Office workers
Nobuko female Early 70 Homemaker
Meguro female Late 60s Homemaker
Tanaka female Early 20s College student
Watanabe, female Early 20s College student
Namie female Early 20s College student
Suzuki et al 5 persons female Early 30s – mid 50s 2 housewives, two workers, self-employed 2 (Jang Geun Suk’s <You Pet> Events fans met at a premium)

14 of them, except when both were performing a one-to-one in-depth interviews. Information about the interview is shown in the box for <Table 1>.

Half the interviews were obtained through a structured questions and comments about the appreciation Japan’s acceptance of the general and Jang Chapter geunseok. Had an interview time been made into and out of an average of two hours, a written record both after obtaining the consent and had global full-back, one only being conducted in English and all the rest are conducted with simultaneous interpretation in Japanese interpreter, continue to emotions stream of respondents and immediate additional questions, such as interactions

On the other hand, the discourse in the media and made ​​the planning Jang Featured articles published over five times in the Internet magazine of the Asahi Shimbun (party Web Chevron) for analysis by the media as an discourse. In fact, the four newspapers in Japan (Asahi, Yomiuri, Mainichi, Sankei) and three magazines (Asahi <Oh Era> and <Weekly Asahi, “” Weekly eco nomiseu> of Mainichi) targets <You’re Beautiful> is since 2009, aired in Korea in August 2012 it was to search for the keyword Jang Iran. However, during the three years period, the articles were only 13 such cases except the simple instructions did not contain a mere reference room also qualitative information. This seems to be the major Japanese newspaper articles because almost covered as a celebrity, unlike Korea .

Keeping salvage his image very early form of drama fandom important it is. Because the star had no idea that there are fans of him and found a good thing that only begins to Oh the drama starring the character he is due to find. Benefits will apply to all of Bae Yong Joon and Jang .

When I saw the “Winter Sonata>, junsang (private), there is a person with great somethin ‘through that cast expression lady named their favorite, in fact, that same wonderful person and drama roles when BYJ came to this one feel fans times

I feel sorry like Mr. Yong. <Mr. Jang is also very handsome in the same way

You’re> Will it reported that the drama tsundere (but chilly favorite phrase for people) style, when you fall in the character … Mr Jang is acting like the character haetjiyo positive words and Japan. (Ito, female, early 40s)

Japan’s 16-part mini-series, <You’re Beautiful> (SBS, 2009), place the Jang Geun Suk to fame stardom in the was is aired the following year in Japan and a big hit, after another turned raises huge echo unexpected in China and Southeast Asia. 15 ) this drama is a girl vocals are exquisitely matched with the time gained high popularity in the East as the K-pop boy bands of the handsome idol boy band information coming in dealing with friendship and punishment eojineun romance. Cartoonish sense utilizing the Mercury to place the fantasy scenes throughout the drama with excellent acting and a solid story together while maximizing fantasy effect at the same time, as well as the existence of the protagonist Jang at once informed of Asia, supporting the become also a star It was an opportunity to. Jang Geun Suk is not a pretty cool dodo in this work and only kkachilhan, boy band leader played a ‘hwangtaegyeong Station.

Although the wording used ‘day ssinhan body, cute smile on the beautiful face like a girl, long hair take color coming up to the shoulders, eyeliner make-up, cardigan wrapped around the waist, feminine fashion style slim fit “is to describe the Jang this can be a long cold is often summed up in one word ‘beautiful man’. 16) of <You’re Beautiful>

15) < You’re Beautiful > (SBS) is a spy action is water which are aired at the time of large-scale domestic production costs Romance

Lee Byung Hun and Kim Tae Hee starred in < Iris > it is co-organized with 10% mothaetji get out audience of around

Only , receive high acclaim enthusiasts have formed a fan .

16) the risk that the image can be transferred to a variety of roles in marketing Jang similar type of cascade was digested in movies such as murder suspect fixed to < You’re Beautiful > after hwangtaegyeong image of

Not only as a model for the Japanese magazine covers and advertisements in the image, the actual airport is also showing Jang look at me standing fan meeting. Moreover, the movie is inde hwangtaegyeong vocal leader of the popular band, he was singing directly to the movie theme song debut as a singer in Japan. This drama hwangtaegyeong character and personal boundaries are blurred Jang is a real person. As such actors to look as if you own the whole persona drove the popularity perform a unified identity to match their image on the screen (King, 1991, p.45). This is the actual mobility of Perth, be made ​​of this fantastic actor, as if they were the cause of peoseunaelreoti Award (De Cordova, 1991, pp.87~88) . It is now replaced with the configured image as there is uniqueness of individual stars, this process is simply performed the Star lies not automatically goes through to Marshall (Marshall, 1997, pp.3 ~4) behind the public persona, as pointed out ‘ as the willingness of the public to work together trying to find the real “person, driven by personal and private discourse about sex and reproduction will be on-site to do it again.

But Jang who embodies the look and style of the characters, etc. In reality, it is reconstructed as a symbol beyond national boundaries, with a more complex meaning. Of hwangtaegyeong / Japan Jang Geun Suk ‘prettiness’ generates conflict over the meaning of this binary opposition between’ clean ‘/’ motsaenggida ‘, not’ pretty ‘/’ befall well. In other words, the comeliness of them are not well Nago motnam face, and hold on femininity and masculinity confrontation, as a special means to question the masculinity of the male sex existing categories

With a < Mary sleepover of > (SBS), < Love Rain > (SBS), < Pretty Man > (SBS) and the movie also < you have pets > The charge of rebellion in , drove his popularity in Asia, including Japan on pretty man as an interpretation of the road it may be to strengthen the image of the star Jang Geun Suk . recently, he has not cut your hair short, but still a pretty image changed man .

It is angry. The meaning of ‘prettiness’ is connected with another binary opposition of ‘slender body muscle without’ / ‘eojin muscles in the body suits bread’ it becomes more evident. But de Lama is in honor hwangtae ‘pretty slender body, masculine and feminine charm with this is that it means Interestingly, the gender dimension as well as the overlap with national sexual dimension takes on special meaning prescribed. Featured articles on Jang Geun Suk is also planning to introduce the charm comes from its appearance as follows .

One was from my student days aedok fashion magazines in Japan, and away from the image of the “dandy” did not want to live the muscles have become outspoken in a magazine interview, he and strong ‘men Korea. … His appearance is statelessness had not until now, the gender lease. … Global stateless ‘Prince’ is interested in the Korean captured the 10-20 Japanese yeoseongcheung could not at once. … Pretty and cute ‘Hallyu star would have appeared for the first time. (Hayashi, 2011. 11. 3, single quotes sic)

It also reveals that the body and gender identity, gender and country of Japan has been closely linked to evidence presented to the deungchi ‘aedok one of the fashion magazines of the’ this’ dandy ‘and’ no body muscles. In addition, the “strong deviated from the image of” Korea men ‘ “pointed out is Jang Geun Suk is understood by the Japanese as a symbol of Ivan the masculinity of the existing one country star, across the masculinity and femininity through the images of the muscle without body Tuesday shows that by means of a lush. This here or honey character and body of a man of muscular South Korea are closely related and generalized nature of South Korea men, Jang Geun Suk is dislocated (disarticulation) from ‘Korea’ masculinity symbol represented as “athletic” is to get the meaning.

(One of this women) looking at that divergent bodies of abs symbolizes ‘male’, ascetic in stretched the Korea Society in the form of patriarchy Donna strict conscription in to train the body ratio, can feel that tightness and spleen. … ‘Stateless Prince says if a free and fun side and reported (fans) of a soft (Jang Geun Suk) than him (Hayashi, 2011, 10.3).

The star of South Korea ‘athletic body’ is the dominant form a boom in the development of the entertainment industry since 2000 in fact. In other words, the change in appearance of the Korea Male Star recognition, but contemporary configuration and change masculinity through popular culture in Japan, the Korean Wave in earnest until after 2003 such a recent image in general, the image of South Korea men (STAR) . 17) and “patriarchy also ‘or’ draft ‘that ‘s reminiscent of a prior knowledge of the naemeurosseo Korea will feel the muscular body of a man in Korea of the South Korea national body imprinted.

Therefore, as a man pretty neutral image of Jang Geun Suk is obtained at the point of betraying Korea, South Congregation for ‘muscular, the distance does not immediately evoke a country that is Jang Geun Suk from Korea thereby ensuring a certain degree. But that does not necessarily Korea castle having a negative connotation. The expression Hayashi the above mentioned ‘stateless’ is not a means can not feel the nationality from Jang, has to be interpreted as a novelty beyond the typical image of a traditional actor Korea. Jang Japanese have a “great Korea

17) In fact, this discourse on the body of the male is rampant in the entertainment industry in Korea , women all pretty handsome in the face of , the muscular body has been the dominant male image discipline history, symbolized by Six Pack Abs is 15 holding years does not exceed . Fashion and fair face and injuries to the soft image of the male scarf Fashion < winter Sonata > is no exception in that Bae Yong Joon also showed off a muscular body appeared on .

‘Formula also gotjal he was still popular culture as Korea’ Korean Wave actor ‘

Suggesting that exist in the aura.

His slender body is a non-muscular means a place subject to negotiation of masculinity and gender, as well as countries further three star level. Jang Geun Suk for the current director of the Japanese magazine says as follows .

If the current star polite and subsequently the star of sincere feeling, young teenagers are three views of Japan it will have given the impression of guy. In addition, because everyone is good physique. However, Jang Geun Suk has looked like a woman quite the opposite light, as saying ratgo so it cost a lot of friendly feeling younger actor. I think that is part of the sections to be completely the opposite ditch Korean star so far. Perhaps because of that reason run without a map Jang Geun Suk is popular in South Korea. (Laughter) (Abe, female, early 50s)

This is a no chapter in pretty slim appearance, Jang Geun Suk and (More on this later) Burr head turned looking cocky attitude as contrasted with conventional Korea actors, even the fan base appeals to young people beyond the age-old generation of which is represented by Japan Hallyu fans means opening placed negative meaning space as possible. 18) days due to the boom of the present Yonsama 10 and 20s the Korean paenim because it treats to friends as having If you like Korean pop stars like aunts or grandmothers cultural tastes has existed does not reveal the atmosphere (in an interview Namie). Thus Kerala

18) In particular, < Winter Sonata > The 10 single memories start at, but eventually 20 ~ 30 vs. hero, while the center and the former romance , Jang Geun Suk’s hit the < You’re Beautiful > is surrounding the boy band 10 emotions of young people dealing with teenagers even allowing for even greater response from younger female fans at the point where they meet point .

Not only was able to escape the image of all three of appetite, muscle through the seats we were able to experience the encounter and solidarity between generations.

Jang Geun Suk is like a “pretty slender body, acts as a major sign that attention beyond the three common Japanese fans. Of course, while Japanese women who also attracted to muscular men in, and yet there are people getting jyeotdaneun that the body is like watching Korea dramas. But I’m a fan of the Inter byuhan Korean and Japan, regardless of age, by generalizing the Japanese say that they prefer a male non-muscular. 19)

I think the Japanese did not like such thing as muscle, like other neutral mouth like Jang Geun Suk. Especially the young people of today’s Japan. (Gacheuoh, female, early 50s)

(Annual Ja:? Do you have a style that Japanese women like men if any style), actor Kim Soo-hyun! Japanese woman’s style a little better. Should that slender style? A lot like the actor Korea muscles but also women who like that style. I think I like the singers are like that (body) styles such as pencil <shiny> (Watanabe, female, early 20s)

Jang Geun Suk I’m tall and thin. Cute and pretty again. By muscular bodies around

19) Japanese women originally to explain to that always, style is a dangerous nature interpretation . In that, but recently hotties in that sense the familiarity of the Hallyu stars muscular bodies may cause a change in taste , taste It must look to the social and cultural components .

The …

(Researchers: Nobuko together also Mr. Lee Jang Geun Suk Fan Fan yisijiman this time, it ? No. Do not Mean a muscular body), Lee has created a deliberately georaseo action in the body, try <City Hunter>. Geojiyo try to stick to that role. (Nobuko, female, early 70s)

Such orientation is non-athletic celebrity writers to map the impact of a number of Japanese popular culture, but the issue here is not going to taste the fact that dwaetneun applied whether or how the formation of. Noteworthy point is that the Japanese fans and understand the differences between countries with relatively masculinity by recognizing the Han taste of the country, trying to explain the popularity of Jang gap between Japan and South Korea on him .

Korean star’re athletic guys take off their clothes, the Japanese star, by joggers are not. For Johnny, the same body eunae. (Laughter) (Kimura, male, early 60s)

Gukin a taste of the Japanese people’s different entirely. (So), Bae Yong Joon and Jang Geun Suk is here, but South Korea’s big star big star in Japan. I’m pretty good looks, or those things completely different. (Between two countries). (Hanako, female, mid-40s)

As discussed on the image of the body of Jang is the Japanese fans feel is was shelled male and country Province significance of Korea, easier for men sex is taste and joining of the younger generation fanbase of Japanese female fans are not of Japanese pop culture It shows that the acceptance of symbols and meanings that are configured places.

2) sexual (erotic) implementation of a fantasy : a star with eel fans

If called ‘non-sexual (genderless)’ or ‘neutral’ in Japanese magazine article the expression literally Jang is that with the lack of masculinity image as if did understand if it’s imaginary relationship that is formed between the male star with female fans the essence is missed. The ‘non-sexual’ The expression of male sexuality, castration the distance of masculinity and macho image of Korea not mean the river is only one means of action. In contrast to his pretty face feminine appearance coming thick bass voice is said to have a strong masculine appeal to female fans of interview participants say the collection mouth.

Jang Geun Suk’s persona is sweet as a pretty face but at the same time, energetically active activate sexual fantasy through strategies that involve the male sex causes. Unlike the star of Alias ​​Alias ​​fan or follower of what is often their fans create, Jang Geun Suk himself has revealed that it is plainly deseo granted to the fans ‘Eel’ is the name. He is a fan Indeed explained that did likened to the sense of presence that the lifeblood yourself ‘(eel boyangshik recognition as a Japanese’) ‘eel’ in Korea, however, and eel are aware of vigor in Korea boyangshik him too well, fans also I know it by learning from each other. But I can not It compared the eels that women jinggeureopge idea as an alternative to female fans is unique can see the bruise, which sikimyeo overthrow the silent castle reminiscent of the appearance of Jang in one moment, a metaphor for the sexual fantasy of the fans for star through thereby establishing publicly. Jang sexual appeal is found in the state without hesitation to throw a dirty joke to a woman appeared on the panel by the Japanese variety show program, confessed zeal paenim. 20) put the son of Jang Geun Suk in an interview this study

20) Fuji Japanese TV Jang Special appearances (<Hey Hey Hey>, 2012. 7. 16. aired ) in enthusiasts

Rum is also a fan of the 71-year-old pet named ‘eel’ is energetic boyangshik in Korea

I learned about as a lover for his actions, called himself eel

He said folded feeling felt the recipient. As well as energetic re boyangshik means having an ‘eel’, a more fundamental

The relationship between fans as ‘eat’ star and ‘eaten food’ is a psychoanalytic view

If it symbolizes the typical sexual relationships. 21) Jang Geun Suk’s “Eels’ fans as congestion

There seconds castle is shared by national, Jang Weibo, China’s Internet portal

Writings of Chinese fans raised on the bulletin board is facing sexual fantasy stars Food

How well through the oil shows that shaping. “Jang, Chapter I of you

Oh, and also it fries your disposal, and kkeulyeodo is jjyeodo water vapor. Draw

And you want to lie down on the soft-speed (蹦跶的鳗鱼姥) “. 22) ” You

Prince of Asia, and our’re a prince. We are your eel is on you

Eel should only belong wife! So you love (抽婆- Aya Aya celebration). ” 23)

Chapter geunseok this imaginary relationship between the Japanese fans are very contrasted with the case of Bae Yong Joon. Bae Yong Joon share the experience and the geographical boundaries of nationality, the family and the community beyond the sticky race fans refer to as “family” and with the fans while producing family discourse in dramatically imaginary enemy. Asexuality the relationship between celebrities and fans in the process is constantly emphasized (yangeungyeong, 2006). But despite the family discourse and Bae Yong-joon’s also a powerful sexual fantasy fans and work

Says in his now nopaenti towards a woman panel status . 21) Jang Japan Featured articles in discarding eaten there eel from the parable of the fan Jang high note Sadie Stick ” ( sadistic ) and found the play , that his adorable this very Japanese sensibility and joke writing that” ( Hayashi , 2011-11-20)

22) 2012-11-12 11:08 http://weiba.weibo.com/10286/t/z4P6c9ZMK

23) 2012-11-12 09:43. Http://weiba.weibo.com/10286/t/z4OxGveOD

Movie <out> Japanese fans in their … more bedeusin because Son Ye-jin and took me away. Fans are not looking to learn by looking into lovers. Shim Chung – it ‘s – it’s the people who betrayed the other General would not have been able to forgive the fans of Bae Yong reobeusin itself. (Nobuko, over 70 early teens)

Japanese, Korean reporter to create a magazine in Japan, says: .

(Annual Ja: feelings of the fans are going to Bae Yong Joon any) will be the feeling of love. Bae Yong Joon is <out> that came rangna Son Ye-jin in the movie Mr. Mrs naetjyo are just angry. (Researchers:? Why) Joe jealous jealous. I’ve been a bedeusin. Then (Son Ye-jin) yiraseo underwear color white color ‘white bra years! ” Being. Do you have a lot of aunts are flesh colored underwear. (Researchers: Are you looking rug) nor anything like that, I just did not want her. “What then is was my turn!” And. (Laughter) (Yuki, female, early 40s)

Bombard you want to touch anything Bae Yong fingertips and struggled with his picture on the wall, and held his appearance in this DVD shows the sexual desire of the fans as formidable public discourse of family care.

Despite geunseok chapter is introduced in Japan in the early 20s, younger than Yong, he publicly declared that the fans ‘my eel’, so fans should express love feelings for Jang willingly. Two big fan of old age, says a feel for Jang Geun Suk as follows:

(Researchers: if you are Jang’s reobeusin ) Okay. Very good at <you pet>. … I (I) wanted to raise such a pet. Everybody I think so. Kim Ha Neul is still too envied. Three times I’ve seen. Also I’ll see. (Nobuko, over 70 early teens)

(Researchers: What is your feeling about Jang Geun Suk) look at the pleasant (Jang Geun Suk) photographs. Try to put a lot of stick. In the hands of Jang Geun Suk’s character it is also equal to, feels like another lover. (Laughter) (Meguro, female, late 60s)

His fans have to accept the sign of Bae Yong strategy of “You are my family,” we should refrain from expressing sexual desire, but instead of one. While the chapter ‘Eels’ fans sign strategy geunseok rubber fan identity as sexual beings and have fans to create a public discourse space to play a sexual fantasy .

3) the intimacy and authenticity to build

Bae Yong Joon fans contrasted with “Tokyo” had to Bae Yong Joon, Jang and his ‘intimate’ relationship between the fans, Jang their strategic performance and for him the fans will accept the two interact and build. It can look at three aspects can I, is the first intimate relationship with the title. Jang Geun Suk’s own is a nominal suffixes often used to peers or subordinates after the first party name ‘Chan (county) to sing to put the’ geunjjang ‘, which BYJ that his fans’ Sama (s) paste’ Yonsama “in contrast to those called. 24) ” Sama “is the yearning for the stars

24) BYJ Yonsama , as in the case referred to Sama is South Korea s inde honorific suffixes such as rain

Or ‘her’ advantages in terms of young girls commonly used designation suffix for the ‘ Yes to appeal and ppeun image as a man. “

The second is the manner in which acceptance of closeness to his fans and his unstoppable remarks and actions. 25) days of this advance word and deed without prior roughness with Jang Geun Suk’s witty expression ‘the prince bottles, some to South Korea masses “be impertinent’ , sparked by the rejection, often pretentious ‘finally production of “posturing geunseok’ is said to get the ridicule of aliases (especially men) anti prisoners. 26) days of this his free-spirited Marion continued even after entering the chariness existing attitude and politeness of the kind represented by the star image and directness or was contradictory. But the Japanese women prisoners are at high sassy <You’re Beautiful> More than that, be impertinent, his attitude

25) Of course, today’s star is special and because you need both intimacy factor , even Bae Yong as a special longing target of the family was trying to naesewoomyeo of that discourse forms the intimacy with the fans , Chapter geunseok the one hand , geunjjang as but it emphasizes the horizontal relations on the other hand themselves Prince of Asia highlights the special referred to referred to .

26) 2008 years 1 Mon. Jang ( then 21 years old ), the writings posted on Cyworld ( for example , ” hand another wine bottles in one hand, I cried so from the Champs Elysees holding a newspaper . New York Herald Tribune ! “) for Adorable bluff ran are negative and offensive comments such as , 7 Mon 19 days, MBC < infinity challenge > program by writing a caption parody of Jang’s article bluff geunseok so that images are popularizing was . After all because of the malicious comments fans wounded said that year, 7 Mon 22 one reaches muscle seats hagie closed their Myspace site . about how the egalitarian sentiments of the masses in Korea, whether operating uniquely in popular culture, especially the entertainment industry in Korea gimsujeong (2011) , see .

Harass’ the means’ singing was welcomed as a Tsundere (ツ ン デ レ) ‘. Jang chair

Oil warm attitude not only be understood by special distinct from the traditional Korean star

As it was accepted by the seriousness and ‘easy’ escape the image of a humble image. Thirdly, this intimacy by maximizing communicate directly with fans in fluent Japanese

It is. Watching Jang hang agriculture as a local dialect of Osaka Kyocera Dome

Japanese fans Unlike other Hallyu star he entered deep into the skin of the Japanese culture

That feels. In particular, regardless of the age of the fans, he uses Japanese

Low form, is strengthen the free-spirited attitude, but rather a new kkakdeuthan in Japanese society

Accepted honors. Low form is very close between the two eseona possible language usage

Low form, because its use is the intimacy between stars and fans, not rudeness

It is a mechanism to ensure the station. Wave’s also able to speak in Japanese

It is emerging as a distinct difference between the tadeul (eg, DBSK) .

To forbid the sincere efforts and pave the charm of acting as if Hallyu star amenities addition, according to the survey character, intelligence and so on. South Korea is unique spirituality based on the Confucian spirit was felt. But I must feel something distant to Japanese fans. “Gentlemen,” honorific words as carefully as, somehow inevitably be felt someone put rum. However, Jang Geun Suk is called “Hey” or not does not block association, “only look!” He said there is no protector case mate. Korean star came to talk to “half words” towards the fans is beginning. This was close to the stage and the auditorium of the street is also a star for the first time. (Hayashi, 2011. 10. 20)

Evaluation of “star was close the distance with the audience for free,” shows well that Jang Geun Suk of intimacy strategy is successfully accepted to the fans. Low form of the command of Jang ‘only look’ as if to demonstrate the complexity ttinda his mother as “spoiled attitude that relies burimyeo. It is that other cultures, Also try the Low form in Japan four times an emphasis on courtesy Jang Geun Suk will be impossible without a pre-understanding and confidence in the Japanese culture. Hayashi, a Korean reporter points out that the Japanese variety show Oh yidol progress clung to mix Low form Jang experience is seen with interest small school year. As a result, interest in Japanese popular culture of Jang Geun Suk is a Japanese lay their slow jam ‘being understood that’ from the star, the Japanese also exert a “willing batahjuneun ‘reciprocity of word and deed that may seem rude at the same time of Jang Geun Suk. Jang Geun Suk will build, as well as the charismatic star of catching curved fans through the Low form on stage.

‘Nominal’ and ‘attitude’ and ‘Japanese communication method’ is Jang Geun Suk and fans ‘hit with moen if the format of the Castle’, surrounding Jang of ‘spontaneity’ and ‘inside’ as a person carrying Ron intimate sexual details The configurations. And it’s for giving “authenticity” effect of a star as an individual, not as a star product, which can be explained largely divided into two. First, <Asahi> as published in the internet magazine of the newspaper (and city, 2011. 10. 20), the ability of Japanese Jang Geun Suk is interested in Japan since as a result of the group’s plan to attack the Japanese market specially trained elementary school when a Japanese junior high school students received tutoring, etc. discourse is the result of an individual’s Jang ‘voluntary’ efforts. Hayashi Jang feature article consists in the confrontation with the “existing Hallyu star ‘that Jang Geun Suk’s special, do it again’ voluntary ‘versus’ tayulseong,” Jang Geun Suk’s “pure personal interest ‘to Japan for’ consumption of traditional Korean star through a chain of commercial interests’ of the binary opposition as a chapter when you configure it its meaning. Sincere appeal to highlight the personality of the individual, not as a pop culture products is Jang Geun Suk is reinforced by the discourse of ‘professional self-reducer “to get help for the family does not belong to a particular agency. In other words, the K-Pop Idol ‘thorough planning system

Through the dense system and marketing strategies to fight the image of the Star Manufacturing

When, Jang Geun Suk will determine the content and planning a concert with his own ideas, and whose free to contact directly with the fans in the broadcast or SNS “a new type of Hallyu star” without control (Hayashi, 2011. 11. 20) by rating receive. Many Korean K-Pop idol stars will direct ‘composed’ his music, and through him ‘artists’ names than ‘artist’ called me ‘musician’ is praising the authenticity of free individuals, not as a commodity also is striving to get the title which is associated with the ideology of the individual states. 27) , where interesting point is Asahi internet jobs magazine in the feature article Hayashi “forward sacred to stick to the ‘private’ and ‘freedom’.” Jang Geun Suk’s just “young people living in Korea for now “feeling stronger, these” young-ness has now come where the Korean Wave, and even the power of South Korea or think out the other “(Hayashi, 2011. 11. 21) and positive re-Jang of Korea mentioned by nationality sex and summon. For other women fans add to the popularity of K-pop in Japan that caused the city of South Korea dynamic theory of the interview which Jang meaning suggests that not be configured through the absolute confrontation and rejection of the castle Korea exclusive or other Hallyu STAR .

Second, fans have high closeness and understanding by sharing Jang anxieties and conflicts. According to Fiske (Fiske, 1987, p.154), and a real enthusiasm of the fans on individual stars based on psychological realism and consistent feel from the star’s inner self. Such realism is not composed of me, the star of Fernand cow, believed originated as a natural result from the existential presence of star individuals. For example, Jang Geun Suk’s Japanese Arenas October 2011

27) This, of course celebrities and hierarchical awareness among artists , is the hierarchical ideology that is between high culture and popular culture still exists and is closely related to excessive itneungeot . On the job in such a wigyehwa autonomy is one of the key criteria .

His position on not being understood (in fact, in Korea) and delivered to the Japanese fans. 28) In other words, unlike high popularity in Japan hurt Jang received as part of a negative image in the countries of “posturing geunseok ‘and psychological this situation is not only one transition is still being shared his Asian fans. So celebrities South Korea’s Jang fans are concerned about is the fact amounts to suicide malicious comments on the Internet, and ordered him, “Do not look like that is libelous” (Hayashi, 2011. 11. 21). By sharing their inner stars as a lonely unloved enough fans in Korea, Japan and Jang Geun Suk is bound to be one closer to the fans. Through his books, he values ​​the stage eseona everyday, I think, a free man to deliver to fans the honest emotions lead

5. Conclusion: The Cultural Politics of Transnational Hallyu star Jang Geun Suk in acceptance

This study Jang symbol of a national strategy and fans of the Star second means the action and works by distinguished building with a difference, this course is a symbolic boundary

28) This stage is 2012 years 1 Mon 1 as New Year Special days KBS by the production aired < star Documentary : central I am Jang Shinhan current > also be introduced . Arena tour will love the free-Prince ( Jang Geun Suk ) to escape from a boring sex the District consists of more freedom, but they suffer criticized as deviating does not understand their actions from the world .

Analysis suggests that the practice of setting and configuration flexibly. As a

Lorca Such symbolic boundaries of masculinity / femininity sexuality discourse, and

Differences in national discourse, and continuously through the negotiation of discourse and personality reset

And mutual or joint dislocation and know that it is overlapped with another ambiguous number

have. The implications of these results are having in terms of political culture, what

And it may consider going into the next few throw any issues. First, Jang symbol that serves the traditional dichotomy between masculinity and femininity

Or to the focus on the effects that having to break down the vague typicality

have. In other words, a market strategist with diarrhea symbolic differentiation in Jang’s position

That even if, for taste and for the fans to consume their sexual identity symbols

It is that it can have the effect of making the experimental cultural practices consumption.

In particular, by actively accommodating the fan identity as ‘eel’ for Star Castle

Look to keep their sexual desire as the principal enemy to express fantasy is simple

It will not be evaluated as Hi jammed in commercial bait.

Second, is that we have to consider is that the depth of the meaning construction of transnational achieved star sikimyeo continue to operate as a unit of iron jeohi national differences. Specifically, the Japanese fans is that compared to men, the star of South Korea South Korea, Japan, South Korea, Japan Male, Japanese star and produce meaning. So that this is indeed to strengthen the national ideology, and so should you interpret that involve risks potentially be converted to nationalism? It seems not. Transnational star means creation and national cultural differences and national categories in consumption has always been the enemy mobilized, but it works is always part of fans and stars strengthening relations and special meaning to the star his favorite favor and the open It has the purpose of. Therefore, not only between national boundaries are called ‘existing Hallyu stars’ / is set up in a single country ‘inside’ as against the ‘Jang’

The bonded and produce a plurality of boundary setting. Its boundaries are not fixed

And flexible and therefore does not have a specific meaning and emotion stuck in the country.

Rather, if you buy more aggressively, and that the national level with a strong power

Imagine such a fan of giant entity, rather than being understood as exclusive and feelings in

From easily crossing and overlapping, rather than as a fluid discourse constructs stereotypes

Imagine standing in the claim that can be reached. This means at the national level

This practice put a crack in sexuality, male gender dimensions New Castle already existing

The jugido the effect of not causing a sensation. As well as beyond the borders

An experience that embraces the other, to increase the understanding of the non-Jewish star and the fan

Relationships (eg, political, economic, etc.) are also practiced provisionally put in parentheses

Do. So although the commercial product and consumerism means of action within the limits of

Nevertheless, between the two countries, and the constant movement within the national perspective

It may enable the new space and the new identity is beyond the country.

The point is that the existing theories star did not pay attention, especially in Japan and Korea

Two national identity formation of supranational star across when considering a relationship

And one can throw two seconds implications of national identity through the fan him. Of course, the principle of priority of the relationship between the star and his fan base Bo Star

No. of nationalism and statism or the reverse to be distinguished from other fandom Ide

We can not rule out the possibility of summoning olrogi. 29) In addition, Japan, as Abe days

In the far-right political environment for foreign regime Korean fans feel the psychological wichukgam

Flexible demarcation of the jam by countries may not be free anymore.

29) by a foreign K-pop idol group members away from the position in accordance with the national fungus heat and tension among fans it is also associated with it that makes gamdol .

Junction of discourse is being made differently depending on the circumstances and conditions other contemporary means

In that the action of such assumption is reasonable. Just one of the fans of Jang Geun Suk

In this study, but rather as a core confined to national categories through transnational Star

I was able to find the look of seaweed that is fandom. 30) Third, the star persona and Jang’s multi-layered approach, so all

Despite the discursive constructions that involve a net, that always Jang real

By embodies a consistent self-image (embodiment) through the body of a person

The problems associated with obtaining and receiving a social grant siljaegam effect. In other words, the star

Instead of being composed of like having a free personal internal self-determination

It is accepted as being expressed from qualities as Western scholars have argued

Star criticism that it can function as individualistic ideology. These results

The more you try to feel the fans are more emotional intimacy from the star

This discursive constructions, not him, consistent and free individuals coming to the real world

As the psychological realism that wants to accept an annual work strongly

The tube. But that consumes the star and the star epistemological and a sense of enthusiasm

As sexual beings desire to acknowledge his fans and the pursuit of pleasure in the process

Which it is also the practice. Position to accept the star persona at this point to reflect the reality of individual fans, maybe even trying to keep his pleasure

Altitude of Kanji (奸 智) it would not be? In other words, everything looks real Jang

Can not be the personal appearance of a large portion of them to buy the favor of the fans is muscle

Seats strategy yet grasp that it enjoyed a purity and authenticity

30) 2013 years 2 let researchers mention the Dokdo issue in April added to the interview , ” it is not a political culture that is such a contraction doeeoseon . ( As Dokdo ) is sad is less people suddenly Hangul classroom canceled . I like the Korean Wave fans are such things ( political conflict ) to change your mind or do not never shake one . “( Meguro , 60 vs. ) and resolutely respond He said .

Grant said, and enjoy the cleverness of the fans.

Finally, I could never not point out the limitations of this study, first, that even muscle-seat Japanese female fans even had to check it properly, there may be differences between the generations. This is like the young female fans of Jang Geun Suk, including college students who participated in the interviews, but very enthusiastic fan is not had no idea haetneunjido attributable to, or just a common stand because interviews of young female fans than interviews a big fan of old age, this was relatively poor It may be due to the discovery. When viewed through the author’s many years of domestic and international audience research, better than the commonly middle-aged or more women interviewed participants the more if a risk many that the screen means their cultural consumption, or the ability to reflect by placing it in their own lives the young inmates of life It was. The future as well as Jang accommodate the difference in accordance with the generation of Korean female fans in Japan, its culture and political implications of intensive follow-up study called Hari sees a need for. In addition, when the role of the means in the decryption of the location of the media discourse and the fan due to limitations could receive careful consideration. Japan’s mainstream media discourse on Star newspaper because it is not nearly the coverage of entertainers STAR is mainly spread around the magazine. But here it is, you can clearly mentioned, Hallyu star Knights provide information on (but is due to both, or whether the result of a tendency of whether or author from the commercial reasons), and created favorable in the eyes of fans, star and the function. It looks forward will require a more thorough study .


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2. 29.)

Contribution day : 2014. 05. 30 Modified : 2014. 07. 01 scheduling verifications : 2014. 07. 08

In the Case of Hallyu Star Jang Keun Suk in Japan

Sujeong KIM*

Professor, Dept. of Communication, Chungnam National University

The study examines the ways in which Hallyu star Jang Keun Suk(henceforth, JKS), who recently rose as a top star in Japan, is constructed as an extraordinary star persona in Japan. In the discursive analysis of the data collected from fan and entertainment business personnel in-depth interviews, participant observation, and media coverages, JKS is dealt with not only as a sign, but also as a subject exercising semiotic strategies. His Japanese fans find androgynous attraction in his image of ‘pretty man in slender body,’ embodying the character of his hit drama. They distinguish his ambiguous gender image from the typical Korean masculinity with six-pack abdomens. However JKS emphasizes male sexuality to allow his women fans actively to pursue an erotic fantasy, calling his fans ‘eels,’ figuratively referring to the source of energy, which simultaneously have a sexual connotation, Finally, Japanese fans consider JKS an ‘authentic’ individual based on JKS‘s unreserved style of communication and behaviors as well as his own management practice, rejecting the idea of fabrication. In conclusion, JKS‘ star persona has been trans-nationally constructed through fan discourses intertwining the differences of the nation-states, masculinity and femininity, and individual authenticity in the way of setting fluid and imaginary boundaries.

KEYWORDS Hallyu, Jang Keun Suk, Star, Celebrity, Persona, Japan, Fandom, Bae Yong Jun, Transnational culture

* sukim@cnu.ac.kr

116  Korea National Gazette (2014) 28 Kwon 4 No.


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