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“They filed down the punch pin so it would not reach thru the card.”

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Voting In response to a New Yorker story, The Voter Fraud Myth, a commenter wrote the following:

I once sold carpet and flooring and one of my customers in Nashville was a man who designed voting tools and booths for the entire nation. I noticed on his wall the photos of presidents from Ike to Nixon, to Reagon, Bush, and then Bill Clinton.

I asked him about the sudden change and he told me he had once been a Republican and even held office in California. He observed GW and the Republican Party damage voting boothes in Texas where there was a heavy Democratic vote, and road blocks to intimidate people trying to get to the polls. He said this was the dry run for what later happened in Fla.

He explained that the voter cards had to be punched for the candidate you wanted. The Republican Party filed down the length of the punch pin so it would not reach thru the card. This is what caused the controversy of dimpled chads and hanging chads. The punch pin would not punch cleanly all the way thru the voting cards because they were filed down deliberately. He showed me the shiny tip of one and said it would not have been shiny it would have been dull if it had worn down thru use.

This time they are robbing far more people of their right to vote using far more efficient tactics. This could easily set up the perfect scenario for a complete uprising.

[Note: Since this commenter has not yet given me approval to quote him, it would be inappropriate to use his name. However, the comment was made on Bruce Bartlett’s Facebook page in reaction to the above noted article in the New Yorker.]

There is the real voter fraud, but it obviously comes from GOP operatives, as noted here and in the decision of Virginia’s AG not to prosecute the registration worker who threw specific voter registration forms into a dumpster. Clearly, that action was illegal and a violation of election law.

All these tactics to deny voters the franchise are disgusting and unAmerican. They sully the values and standards for which America is known. They say that the US is no better than the most corrupt third world countries around the world.

Perhaps my pride in our country – our democracy – is too great. But I do believe America is – or can be – that “shining city on the hill”, but it will not be so if elections are rigged to deny people the most basic of all freedoms: the right to vote their conscience.

If for no other reason, American voters, if they really care about our democracy – its ideals and what those ideals mean, should deny the GOP their votes. Not voting for the GOP will send a loud and clear message that we Americans do not approve of our franchise and votes being manipulated. It will say we believe in a free and open society in which all Americans matter, regardless of political stripe or other factors, as many of our founding fathers believed.

American patriots do not deny the vote to other Americans!


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