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Could Those Billions Accidentally Change Election Financing

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Campaign Donations - Buying PoliticsPrompted by a Politico story this morning on GOP donors and their SuperPacs, I wonder if all the spending might lead to a change in attitudes about campaign financing. This about this thought provoking possibility in the Politico story:

Conservative super PACs and outside groups face the very real possibility they’ll have spent $1 billion and failed to elect Mitt Romney or deliver a GOP Senate.

That means professional political types could have a lot of explaining to do, especially to the rich donors who financed the record spending spree and are wondering if their investment was squandered.

What if, after the billion dollars spent to elect Romney and Republicans, Republicans lose not only the White House and Senate but even seats in House? Would wealthy GOP donors decide that these SuperPacs and 501(c)4s really aren’t worth their money? That the return on investment (ROI) was so bad that they decide to stop blocking – and maybe even help – changes to campaign finance laws?

I know. I’m being overly optimistic in believing that a bunch of very rich, very old white guys who view themselves as superior beings because of their accumulated wealth will suddenly have a change of heart and start believing in the kind of real democracy where everyone has an equal voice. And money should not shout down those who have less cash.

But one can only hope!


Written by Valerie Curl

October 19, 2012 at 11:02 AM

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