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Survey Says… 2/3 of Americans Say Candidates Should Address Corporate Wrongdoing.

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A new survey, noted at Reuters.com, conducted by law firm Labaton Sucharow LLP, a practice that specializes in representing whistleblowers, found that almost two-thirds of likely voters polled would consider a candidate’s commitment to addressing corporate wrongdoing as part of their decision-making process in the upcoming U.S. election.

Political Corruption - Buying Senate Seats

Asked if political candidates in general favor corporate interests over their constituents’ interests, 77 percent of respondents said yes. The response was broadly consistent across political affiliation and among men and women.

Some 64 percent of those surveyed said corporate misconduct helped bring about the economic crisis that led to the U.S. recession. About 81 percent said the government has not done enough to stop corporate wrongdoing.

For full results see: here

Labaton said the latest survey found the commitment to speak up had grown, with 83 percent saying they would report wrongdoing, compared with 78 percent a year ago.

Maybe all political candidates, from presidential to congressional to state and municipal offices, need to be asked how they will address corporate wrongdoing…and will they promise to support an amendment to the Constitution that overturns Citizens United as well as outlaws SuperPacs, lobbing donations, and corporate donations.


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