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While the media focuses on the Ryan-Romney tax and Medicare plan that will privatize Medicare – raising costs to future seniors in 2050 by 67% – and give up to 167% in tax breaks to the most wealthy, I’m looking more at the ground game being played out in state after state.

Regardless of the fact that Romney-Ryan make absolutely no attempt to bend cost curve of the medical care delivery system that eats up 17% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP), every other advanced nation spends no more than 11%, and some, like Taiwan spend only 3%. Needless to say, this nation wastes billions that could be spent towards more productive uses. However, if Ryan has his way, nothing will change that percentage. Only seniors, and their extended families, will feel the increased costs that will bankrupt even more families.

However, I do get a bit ticked off when Democrats and left leaning independentsLady Liberty Not Allowed to Vote Because of Wrong ID assume that Romney-Ryan plans will turn off enough voters that they’ll come out in mass to re-elect Obama and turn the House and Senate Blue.

Have people not been paying attention to the 23 states that have adopted stringent voter ID restrictions????

Even if as Professor Garrett Epps writes in The Atlantic Monthly these laws are unconstitutional, they won’t be overturned in time to make a difference in this election. Millions of Democratic voters may be disenfranchised in November’s election. It’s possible that Obama could still lose the election even though he’s up by several points in the Real Clear Politics combined polls simply because so many legal residents/voters are disenfranchised.

Face it, thanks to the Koch funded ALEC group, the GOP is working hard to control the election outcome just to make sure another ’08 doesn’t occur. They’re working hard to ensure the Cheney/Gingrich goal of a permanent GOP majority…and don’t care one whit about democracy or the voters wishes.

It’s not just about party; it’s about an absolute belief in their own righteousness and superior intellect and knowledge. Where have we heard those attitudes expressed before?

Your Vote CountsLies and preventing opposition votes are nothing – meaningless; little more a means to justify the end – when your corrupted mind sincerely believes you are superior to the masses. This is the worst of Ayn Rand philosophy in action. It’s also the worst of Mubarak’s regime and that of every other dictator: Take control of power centers, dehumanize the opposition; disenfranchise the opposition; eliminate the opposition’s power base and moral authority; and finally crush them by consolidating all political and economic power amongst your own true believers. That’s how dictatorships work. And every country, even the US, is susceptible to dictatorial power grabs during times of economic stress.

The Romney-Ryan budget plan most certainly is anathema to those who have really looked and studied it and are capable to debunking the lies and distortions. But most people are too busy working, putting a roof over their heads and food on the table, to recognize many the lies fostered by the candidates and wholly owned their media outlets and partisan think tanks. However, the greater danger to democracy – to the Republic itself – is the many millions of voters who will not be given a chance to vote. Who will no longer have a say in the direction of the country and her policies via their chosen candidates.

Yet this story, along with its consequences, receives short shrift in the media…and in the minds of far too many who care about democracy and our Republic.

As Professor Garret Epps writes, “A modern democracy isn’t worthy of the name unless it protects universal suffrage.”


Written by Valerie Curl

August 17, 2012 at 9:24 AM

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