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McRaven on bin Laden raid: One of history’s “great intelligence operations”

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Admiral McRaven, Seal teams Commander, defends President Obama and national security agencies cooperation on successful bin Laden raidI don’t need to add anything more to the story regarding bin Laden. Admiral McRaven says it all, regardless of what the GOP spin machine continually says.

Prior to this except of the Wolf Blitzer interview , Admiral McRaven said two things quite clearly:

1) President Obama made the ultimate decision and deserves the final credit for eliminating bin Laden. He was the Commander in Chief so it was his decision to proceed or not. As such, President Obama should be given credit for having made the decision that led to a successful mission.

2) The intelligence and national security community has never worked better, in large part because of the appointments President Obama made. McRaven stated uunequivocally that the US now has the finest national security worldwide.

Obviously, the noise coming out of the GOP neo-con spin machine regarding this mission illuminates their jealously of Obama’s success.

It’s awfully hard to forget the many laudits heaped on President Bush when he landed on an aircraft carrier, stating “mission accomplished” even though al-Qaeda in Iraq and Afghanistan and Hussein were alive and kicking.

Yet, now that bin Laden is dead and al-Qaeda is all but non-existent as a result of President Obama’s decisions, Republicans refuse to give him credit.

Do current GOP actions remind anyone else, other than me, of highly adolescent behavior?


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    June 17, 2013 at 1:36 PM

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