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Granted that throughout most of GW Bush’s administration, I worked 50 to 60 hours a week so I missed a some political news. But I don’t think I would have missed lawsuits against it…and I don’t really remember any. Yes, there were a number of congressional investigation, but how many actual lawsuits occurred? It doesn’t seem that Democratic constituencies chose to sue.

However, Obama’s Administration is being besieged with lawsuits…just as Clinton was. Clinton spent much of his eight years in office fighting off one suit after another. All of which, except his Lewinsky sexual dalliance, led to nothing but a lot of headlines and many millions of wasted tax dollars.

It seems the Obama Administration is dealing with a similar Republican tactic, except this time their using the Constitution for their modus operandi. With the rise of the Tea Party, Republicans and their constituencies have latched onto the idea that anything not specifically delineated in the Constitution, regardless of how much the country, society, and global economics has changed, is unconstitutional.

Given all the SCOTUS decisions over the last couple of years, striking down progressive social legislation designed to empower citizens, it seems the nation, at least under a Democratic President, is moving back to the Lochner era in which the concerns and profitability of business are more important than human rights.

I am certain that that Alexander Hamilton, the great Federalist, author of most of the Federalist papers, and Alexander Hamilton, author of the majority of Federalist Papers as well as the federal fiscal and monetary system that knit the disparate colonies into one unioninventor of the our federal fiscal and monetary system that knit our colony states together into one nation, were he living now would be appalled by today’s Republican Party…and how far they have strayed from his belief in a nation of prosperous merchants and citizens in which neither faction held sway over federal policy. Perhaps the greatest example of Hamilton’s ethics and beliefs was his complete embarrassment when it came to light that his brother-in-law had participated in a Wall St. speculative scheme that took financial advantage of poor – often destitute – Revolutionary soldiers.

I wonder how many today stand with Hamilton’s ethics as opposed to those who stand with those early Wall St. speculators and today’s Lochner era SCOTUS decisions?

The numerous legal suits against Obama and his polices are nothing short of a desire to return to the failed laissez-faire policies of Greenspan, Milton Friedman and GW Bush that Hamilton would have opposed.


Written by Valerie Curl

June 22, 2012 at 5:47 PM

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