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Conservative writer Andrew SullivanConservative writer for the Daily Beast Andrew Sullivan, who left the new conservative movement during the Bush years as result of Bush’s outrageous spending, wrote on his blog what I only wish I had.

Romney is knowingly arguing that the spending and debt levels of the last three years were some kind of choice by a president who just loves to strangle the US economy by spending much more money than we have. But the only president who made that choice was George W. Bush – by crippling revenues, even as he fought wars with no budgets and new entitlements with no end (Medicare D), rendering us bankrupt even as we desperately needed a rainy day surplus to fight the depression.

Obama did not have a serious choice; he had a fate. That fate was to pick up the pieces of the most catastrophic presidency in modern times. The final bouquet – after emptying the public coffers with no serious boost to employment, profits or growth – was the financial collapse, which both shrunk the economy, decimated revenues to 50 year lows, and automatically increased spending for the unemployed and poor in desperate need of help. Once you account for that – and the [MarketWatch] Nutting graph indeed shows that this was baked in the cake by the time Obama was elected – Obama has been, like most modern Democrats, far more fiscally conservative than any modern Republican.

But his real money statement is:

There are legitimate issues to debate with respect to the future in this election. But the caricature of the last three years, the knowing lies that interweave with this false narrative, the attempt to describe a pragmatic, sane and successful president as somehow unqualified to tackle this mess – when the US economy has fared better in this period than much of the West – are deceptions, exploiting pain. I’m sick of them, and the cynicism they represent.

Read all of Sullivan’s blog post because he’s absolutely correct. If you want a better, more effective government, you have to hire people who understand the problems and challenges, who are willing to tell the ugly truth and not pander to a misinformed base. Certainly, John McCain showed more courage and honesty during his campaign for President than Romney has or ever will. I agree with Sullivan and Fumento which is why the radical right must be soundly defeated in the upcoming election.


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  1. McCain would not have even survived in the primary season this time around saying what he did in 2008, although he would probably have a better chance in general election than Romney. Nowadays, if you don’t pander to misinformed base, you don’t get primary votes.

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    May 28, 2012 at 10:33 AM

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