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Now that the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) has finally been discovered by the national media as a result of its authorship of the Stand Your Ground and Voter ID laws, we should examine some of the other policies and laws ALEC has formulated.

Here is a short list of ostensibly economic measures ALEC has supported in the past:

  • State union-busting measures- to prevent workers from collectively bargaining
  • Repealing minimum wage laws – so workers earn even less
  • Privatizing public lands – such as Yellowstone, Everglades, Grand Canyon, and Yosemite National Parks
  • Repealing capital gains taxes – so millionaires who live on their investments pay no taxes
  • Repealing the estate tax – enabling a permanent over-class of inherited wealth
  • Fighting any efforts to address manmade climate change while touting “the many benefits of atmospheric CO2 enrichment”
  • Repealing paid sick day laws around the country – not exactly a family friendly policy
  • Requiring a super-majority to raise taxes – to create even more legislative deadlock that we already experience and potentially destroying America’s ability to solve its fiscal problems
  • Pushing rules that deem that kids eating rat poison is an “acceptable risk” – truly YUCK

I consider myself a fairly center left person and I find most of these policies proposals disgusting. Children eating rat poison an “acceptable risk”!?! Give me a break!!!!! Taking away paid sick days for Moms and Dads are forced either to accept lower incomes or leave their sick kids alone at home? Yeah, that policy really exemplifies family values…maybe in Somalia but hardly here in the United States. And excessive CO2s are good for your health? Ask the millions of people suffering from asthma how good all that CO2 air pollution has helped them breathe better.

This list is just an example of the kinds of laws ALEC pushes to its member companies and lawmakers. While these policy proposals are very corporate and wealthy friendly, they’re not exactly friendly to middle and working income families, and, quite frankly, would harm the economy and American families long term.

The policies ALEC pushes must be recognized as a concerted effort to return to the 1890’s era when corporations and the wealthy knew no bounds and suffered no regulations on their activities or their treatment of their employees.

And here I thought the people of the United States – the world’s one important country that put into writing the value of equality of justice and opportunity – had evolved towards more equality and justice for all and the recognition that no one is superior to any other person because of wealth or status.

For more information on ALEC, check out:

Exposing ALEC: How Conservative-Backed State Laws Are All Connected in the Atlantic Magazine
– And by the same Atlantic correspondent, this article
The Big Money Behind State Laws
Embarrassed by Bad Laws
American Legislative Exchange Council, Ultra-Conservative Lobby, Loses 2 Major Funders
ALEC Exposed – which lists many, if not most, of the actual ALEC proforma bills that state legislators have used


Written by Valerie Curl

April 18, 2012 at 11:06 AM

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