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David Frum Asks Republicans if Santorum is Really What They Want. Too Late, David.

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Santorum, Romney, Gingrich - 2012 GOP presidential candidatesToday, David Frum, who advocates for Mitt Romney whom he believes is a more centrist and pragmatically realistic candidate, asks on his Daily Beast website blog whether a Santorum presidential candidacy is really what Republicans want.

I’ve followed Frum’s blog for quite a long time, and while I may not have agreed with him on everything, including a Romney Presidency, I have respected his views. However, this latest blog post of his, I believe, ignores what has happened to the GOP over the last several decades.

Here is my response to his blog post…as well as to all those Republicans who still remember what the GOP used to represent:

The nomination of Santorum would be the best thing that could happen to the GOP…and David Frum should know it. For as long as I’ve been reading his blogs, he has argued for centrist economic policies which his party has rejected as it has swung further and further right away from any sensible policies that Frum has advocated.

Throughout U.S. history in times of national stress, social warriors like Santorum and Palin come out of the woodwork to national prominence. They are all sound and fury, garnering a loud vocal following, but in the end signifying nothing. They won small concessions: “In God We Trust” or “…one nation indivisible, *under God*…”, but little else. As President Eisenhower ineloquently stated, the social warriors and the extreme conservatives are a small part of the American electorate. Nevertheless, they have always been with us.

However, those social warriors existed in both parties. Unfortunately, after the Civil Rights legislation, Nixon’s (and then Reagan’s) Southern Strategy and now the latter day social segregation to which Peter Orszag has written so eloquently, all of the social warriors, extreme conservatives, neo-cons, and their following have gathered under the banner of the GOP in a coalition built largely by Jerry Falwell in his Moral Majority. The GOP now reflects Jerry Falwell’s vision of the Republican Party and the vision he hoped to spread across the American landscape.

Rick Santorum is the perfect Presidential candidate for Falwell’s vision of America: a Christian social warrior wielding a Bible in one hand and a sword in the other; a Crusader for a Christian God against the non-believing hordes; an advocate for the return of a Biblical belief in male superiority over women; and an almost sacred belief that Unions are Communism incarnate.

I cannot say I am sorry about what has happened to the GOP. They allowed this turn of events to occur by not being brave enough to stand up against it as Eisenhower, and later as Goldwater, did. The desire for power was their animating force as GW Bush stated during or just after his father’s defeat for a second term. When you court the devil, the devil takes its due.

Frum went along with the devil because it suited his purposes, regardless of the unintended consequences. Now, he derides the cost of his blindness by seeing a rise in Santorum’s polling. He mocks and scorns and advocates for better policies, which many of us on both sides of aisle agree, but he is locked into a cultural schism to which he concurred by his silence in order to win an election.

Now, given his newly found voice on national economics, he urges the GOP to move away from the cultural, social warriors that dominated the election of the last administration and towards a more centrist economic policy that might make the U.S. strong again. But the dye has already been cast. It was cast by GW Bush and Jerry Falwell. And Santorum is the result.

The best and final hope for the GOP is a Santorum nomination and a huge loss to Obama and the Dems across the board in Congress and in the States…and lest anyone forget a rising economy.

With a huge loss, the GOP can rebuild its center – one that is less concerned with religion and women’s rights and health care, and less concerned with voter domination and denying workers the ability to group together to achieve sustainable living incomes and benefits.

A huge loss across the board, via a Santorum Presidential bid, may bring the GOP back to its historic roots of fiscal responsibility and non-military intervention, as Eisenhower and his predecessors did, while acknowledging the popularity – and even necessity – of social safety net programs. A Romney loss or even election will do none of those which would mean an ever degrading of the economic necessities required in the 21st Century.


Written by Valerie Curl

March 14, 2012 at 6:08 PM

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