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My family first arrived in this country in the 1630s, among the early settlers of the colony of Hartford (CT). We fought for our land and our dreams; we fought in all the nation’s great wars. We fought to save this nation and believed our heritage was that of a nation where everyone had the divine right of “life, liberty, and justice for all”.

FL Republican Representative Allen West Says Democrats/Liberals Should Leave the United States - Audience ApplaudsYet, those of us who believe differently from Allen West, GOP Representative from FL, he says should leave the country. Apparently, our right to disagree with GOP policies don’t matter. Apparently, our opinions regarding justice and freedom and equal opportunity – although not equal economic outcomes – are not only irrelevant but apparently border on treason.

As someone who had benefited so greatly from the Democratic President Truman’s integration of our military forces, from LBJ’s Civil Rights Act, and from our society’s liberal idealism that all people, regardless of race, creed or culture, deserve fair and equal treatment under the law, GOP Representative West now chooses to condemn the liberal ideals that offered him the opportunity to achieve the very status which he has attained.

This is a man who deserves not our adulation but our condemnation because he specifically chooses to condemn the very equal opportunity ideals that allowed him to achieve the position that he now inhabits. He chooses to demonize those who do not believe as he does, regardless of how much he benefited from those Democratic, liberal policies. Moreover, he states that those who disagree with him politically not only do not love our Country but should not live in this country.

As someone who values her heritage of this country from its earliest colonization, I find Representatives West’s statements both egregious and disgusting: just because I do not agree with him politically does not mean I am a traitor or that I hate my country. If anything, I find his statements to be in violation of the very principles upon which our nation was founded as noted in the early writings of Franklin and Jefferson as well as the liberal writings of those who chose to emigrant to the wilderness of American colonies rather than face the many socio-economic and religious strictures of an illiberal Europe. Liberal-minded America offered the unique opportunity to succeed to multi-millionaire status, in my family alone, that never existed for them in Europe.

Personally, if my opinion counts, should anyone leave the country, it should be Allen West and all of his ilk because it’s more than obvious he has no idea of the definition of a free and open society. A society – or commonweal (the economic health of a given society) – wherein all members of the commons (the aggregate of a society) are counted and valued for their unique talents and abilities. In other words, a plumber or carpenter should be the political equivalent of a Wall St. banker or a Fortune 500 CEO and have the same opportunity to succeed to great wealth and fortune depending upon his ideas and ambition.

West seemingly argues against equity of opportunity as unpatriotic liberal ideas, regardless of those ideals being the very foundation of our country and even though he benefited so much from them.

His statements argue against not only free market opportunities but are opposed to the very ideals of our country’s foundation.


Written by Valerie Curl

February 2, 2012 at 9:30 AM

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