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Herman CainAs Herman Cain fights for his political life against the multiple charges of sexual harassment made by 5 women and 2 men, the country votes on the 2010 GOP political agenda currently being enacted. So far, the GOP agenda is going down to defeat.

    – In Maine, the voters reinstalled the right of same day voter registration that the GOP legislature, after 42 years, eliminated.

    – In Ohio, voters repealed Gov. Kasich’s and the GOP law stripping public unions of their bargaining rights.

    – In Mississippi, voters, as of this moment, are turning down a state constitutional amendment that would put a zygote’s rights to life above a mother’s which would have it illegal to save a mother’s life in cases of atopic (outside of the uterus) pregnancy or in cases where a pregnancy, due to a medical condition of the mother, will kill her. Moreover, the law would prevent some forms of birth control, forcing women to have children they are not financially capable of bearing, and preventing invitro fertilization.

    – The new Kentucky governor is projected to be a Democrat regardless of KY being a very red state.

Maybe Herman Cain is the true face of the GOP since so many pundits and politicos have chosen to advocate for him, regardless of the number of complaints against him. But it’s not the face of truth, honesty, equality of opportunity that American’s want or choose.

While voter messages are mixed right now, it’s hard to tell where voters will be in a few years. My guess is that young voters who have their eyes on the future and don’t care much for social conservatism will turn away from the GOP, leaving it to disintegrate and die unless it changes dramatically. Young voters care about economic opportunity, domestic growth and a politically even playing field. The social issues that are so much a part of the GOP coalition don’t matter to them.

After the 2010 resurgent GOP elections, many voters are finding the GOP policies abhorrent and are having buyer’s remorse. The future of the GOP seems only worse as white Baby Boomers die off.

I almost wish I could be around long enough to observe those changes…’cause like it or not, the future always moves in a progressively more egalitarian direction. I wonder who the millennial’s Teddy Roosevelt will be?


Written by Valerie Curl

November 9, 2011 at 9:54 AM

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