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As an update to a previous post are these facts:

The House Republicans passed an outrageous “budget” bill that completely defunds Title X — which provides cancer screenings, HIV testing, and family planning to low-income women. Eliminating all funds for Title X, which provides health care services for 4.7 million women nationwide, prevents almost 1 million unintended pregnancies a year through contraception and family planning.

Planned Parenthood provides 720,000 breast exams and 730,000 pap tests annually at a low cost that literally saves the lives of American women.

Now maybe you don’t care about low income women – such as women who are saving for college or have low income jobs as a result of this economy or even women who’ve lost their jobs as a result of the egregious Wall St. debacle – but should low income women be financially penalized for attempting to seek low cost women’s health care which could save their lives?

As a society do we really hate low income women and children so much that we refuse to offer them low cost services which could save their lives and families? If so, what kind of society does doing so say about us? This is a moral question not about abortion but about lives that could be lost to parents, families and children.


Written by Valerie Curl

March 8, 2011 at 10:22 PM

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