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GOP, Thy Name Be Hypocrite…on the Deficit

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The New York Times reports Monday that House Republicans have specifically exempted the newly passed health care law from their own “cutgo” rules. In other words, they know this program reduces the budget deficit so to offset the spending increases that will occur, they’re exempting this program from the rule. The cutgo rule that specifies that any program which increases the spending – or the deficit – must be accompanied by an equal spending cut amount somewhere in the budget. By exempting the new health care law from this rule, they’re basically saying that they don’t care about increasing the deficit by at least $100 billion.

So much for fiscal discipline and GOP concerns about the deficit. It appears the public will take another fiscal deficit hit if the GOP gets their way.

Under new rules drafted by House Republicans in an effort to bolster fiscal discipline, lawmakers must show how they will pay for legislation that increases the deficit. But a bill repealing the health care law would be explicitly exempted from that requirement.

The Congressional Budget Office has estimated that the health care overhaul will reduce deficits by more than $140 billion over 10 years, largely because new spending will be more than offset by new taxes and cutbacks in the growth of Medicare.

Brandishing the budget office estimate, Democrats, often branded as fiscally irresponsible, are prepared to slam the Republicans as hypocrites.

“In their first month, House Republicans will break one of their first promises,” Mr. Andrews said. “They will pass legislation that significantly increases the deficit. And they will ignore the impact on the deficit.”

I wonder how long it will take before voters wake up to the fact they’ve been conned again?


Written by Valerie Curl

January 4, 2011 at 9:07 AM

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