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Okay, not the greatest headline but someone has to say it.

Next week Congress will come back into session and have to deal with the Bush tax cuts that are legally set to expire at the end of the year. One thing Americans must take into consideration and let our legislators know is that if the current tax levels are continued for the uber wealthy, this nation will have an even harder time climbing out of its deficit.

The wealthy now own more of the nation’s GDP since the Robber Baron era…while the working class is not just declining but is being hallowed out.

Income levels of the rich

This circumstance is not healthy for our nation…or for any nation that defines itself as a democracy. Without a thriving middle class as well as a wealthy class that pays its fair share of taxes for the benefits we all want and need from our government, our democracy may not continue.

The last time our country faced such an income disparity, the country endured worker riots, bombings, and violent deaths. Even during the Great Depression, workers turned against the wealthy, vilifying them as witnessed by the movies in the 1930s wherein the worker was glorified while the rich were portrayed as selfish, self-centered, and out of touch with the rest of the country.

The change in tax policy ushered a vibrant middle class that gave rise to the computer age.

The nation must be put back on the path of true growth. That growth cannot be accomplished if the country continues to follow the discounted “supply side,” trickle down, starve the beast economics of the last thirty years. The only way to return the nation to solvency is to renew the middle class with new business and economic policies.

Giving huge tax cuts to the uber wealthy will not solve the deficit or renew the working class…and it’s long past time that Americans woke up to that simple fact.


Written by Valerie Curl

November 28, 2010 at 9:14 AM

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