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Forbes Survey Slants Questions Against ACA – So What Else Is New!?!

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Today, when I opened my email, I had an email from Forbes, asking me to participate in a healthcare survey. Given the editorial and political philosophy since Steve Forbes took over the magazine, I expected a slanted survey. But my expectations significantly failed to meet the reality of the slanted questions.

For example, the question below really goes well over the line towards prejudice. Notice the words fear mongering words “healthcare rationing” in the question. These words automatically evoke fear and thus slant the question towards the fear of giving up something deemed important, thus further prejudicing the taker against the new ACA. In addition, the remaining questions push the realm of objectivity well beyond slanted. If this survey had been truly objective, it would have been written without a particular political slant, but it was not objectively written. It was written to evoke a particular political response. Obviously, the goal of this so-called independent survey is to give more political weight to repealing ACA.

Steve Forbes’ editorials are well known to push the envelope towards favoring the rich over middle income families, but this survey goes well beyond his previous efforts to convince American voters that the rich corporations and his uber rich friends have all the right answers for our American democracy. The question I have to ask is how many of them have lived on $40K or less each year and really understand what middle income – the working class people – have had to endure? My guess is none.

Given the outlook for healthcare rationing, what are you most/least worried about giving up?


Written by Valerie Curl

November 20, 2010 at 9:15 AM

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