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Eddie Burke: Sarah Palin’s forgotten baby grizzly. If ever there was anyone who worshiped at the shrine of Ms.Gov.VP.Princess-for-Life Palin, it was Eddie. But now comes election day — for Eddie, not for Palin — and where is the former governor, failed candidate for vice prez, and national political endorsement machine? Where is the Palin endorsement of Eddie Burke for lieutenant governor? Couldn’t she at least have thrown poor dog Eddie a bone?

Sarah PalinPalin is a huge draw for the TEA party and Republicans, even though her poll ratings across the country is quite low, nearly in the single digits. But what surprises me when I look at Alaska politics is how she has abandoned her almost lavish supporters in her climb up the political ladder.

Yes, as all Alaskans know, grizzlies aren’t like wolves. They don’t run in packs. They don’t care who has been loyal to the clan. But for crying out loud, Eddie was almost a cub to Sarah. He was there, in his past life as a talk-show host, pushing her brand almost from the beginning. But in the end, he was left to run as nothing but another “common-sense conservative,” because he couldn’t actually get the endorsement of the all-powerful mama grizzly.

It is hard not to feel for Eddie at this point. It is hard not to want to rub his bald head and say, “It will all be OK some day.”

All the polls are predicting Eddie the Burke, the former gas station owner, will finish a distant third behind Mead Treadwell and Jay Ramras in the Republican primary for light gov when the day is done. Granted, there is no reason to believe Palin’s endorsement would have vaulted him past two better qualified candidates and into the lead. But it couldn’t have hurt.

And didn’t she owe him? When others in Alaska were beating up on Gov./Ms. Palin (including, sadly, at times, the author of this screed), Eddie was always there to defend her. Eddie was the ultimate in reliable troopers. And where is he today? Well, we don’t know for sure yet, but it would appear that he’s going down in flames.

I don’t believe that a politician should succumb to the idea of supporting for public office every would-be aspiring fan to public office, after all public office requires a great deal of intelligence, intellectual curiosity, and negotiation skills to handle the many challenges required in public office. But when someone watches your back and supports you as much as Mr. Eddie Burke has done for Sarah Palin, it seems that a little consideration is in order. Or maybe Ms. Palin doesn’t think even a little loyalty to her supporters is relevant in her climb up the political ladder.


Written by Valerie Curl

October 26, 2010 at 9:40 AM

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