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Donald Duck meets Glenn Beck

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I know there are some people who will view this video and say, “Right on, Beck!,” while others will laugh at the satire. Which are you?

Off and on throughout the last 10 years or so of Glenn Beck’s rise from HLN (a CNN station) host to the Star of Fox News, my occasional viewing of his shows has seen his move from the right to the preposterous.

Excerpts from Washington Post political columnist Dana Milbank’s new book and the Mark Leibovich profile in the New York Times Magazine provide far better in depth profiles of Glenn Beck than I ever could.

Anyone with more than a smattering of historical knowledge and economics research understands that Beck’s analyses are full of critical thinking holes, incomplete information, and occasionally outright deceptions.

But, hey, he’s making millions each year playing the same “clown” he did on the radio in his earlier years. Unfortunately, he’s not learned to really study and read before opening his mouth. Each of his pronouncements, including his ideological views from discredited author, W. Cleon Skousen, is based on one single book authored by a single conservative author. Nothing more. No additonal reading. No more in depth study. Nothing but that one, single book.

That’s hardly good research for understanding a political thought or political era. For example, in attempting to understand the Elizabethan era, I must have read a dozen or more books, ranging from her biography to politics to Elizabethan society to both the eras before and after Elizabeth I. And, yet, I would no where near consider myself an expert on Elizabeth I.

In other words, you cannot understand politics and the economy without understanding viewpoints from all sides as well as the societial makeup of the era. There’s so much more to understanding an historical context than reading one book.

So, how can Beck consider himself an expert on any subject based on reading a single book on a subject?

As this Donald Duck cartoon illustrates, Beck, continuing his life long pattern, fools those who follow him to his own advantage…because he had no real answers and no real learning. He’s still the “clown.”


Written by Valerie Curl

October 3, 2010 at 6:19 PM

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