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Is this the United States of America envisioned by Washington, Adams, Jefferson and Madison?

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Is this the kind of nation our forefathers pledged their lives, their sacred honor, and the fortunes for? I don’t know about your ancestors, but mine fled England and France to escape exactly what these “good” Christians are carrying out.

Christian Hate Group ‘Repent Amarillo’ Terrorizes Texas Town, Harassing Gays, Liberals, And Other ‘Sinners’

Hate Groups in America

An evangelical Christian hate group called “Repent Amarillo” is reportedly terrorizing the town of Amarillo, Texas. Repent fashions itself as a sort of militia and targets a wide range of community members they deem offensive to their theology: gays, liberal Christians, Muslims, environmentalists, breast cancer events that do not highlight abortion, Halloween, “spring break events,” and pornography shops. On its website, Repent has posted a “Warfare Map” of its enemies in town.

From the Texas Observer:

They’ve posted a “Warfare Map” on the group’s Web site. The map includes establishments like gay bars, strip clubs and porn shops, but also the Wildcat Bluff Nature Center. Repent believes the 600-acre prairie park’s Walmart-funded “Earth Circle,” used for lectures, is a Mecca for witches and pagans. Also on the list are The 806 coffeehouse (a hangout for artists and counterculture types), the Islamic Center of Amarillo (“Allah is a false god”), and “compromised churches” like Polk Street Methodist (gay-friendly).

As I’m preparing to leave the Grisham house, Russell announces that CNN has called and asked for a live interview. In January, Repent caused a stir when the group rolled out BoycottHouston.com, a Web site that urges economic sanctions against Houston because the mayor is gay and a large Planned Parenthood building is being built. In the Bible, Jesus commands his disciples to spread the good news of the gospel throughout the nations. It remains to be seen whether Pastor Grisham’s slightly less uplifting message will resonate outside the High Plains.

Regardless of the morality questions involved, one has to wonder why militia-clothed young men find it acceptable to run around any town, enforcing their will and ideas on other law biding citizens. I wonder what has happened in this country over the last decade that everyone has to conform to one religion, one style of living, one ideological thought, and one way of being.

This new brand of evangelical thinking is not what Jefferson envisioned.

What happened?

Written by Valerie Curl

March 6, 2010 at 8:52 AM

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