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That seems to be the mantra of many seniors attending town hall meetings this summer. How many times have we seen images on TV of seniors carrying signs saying, “ No Socialized health care;” “No socialism;” “No government run health insurance;” and numerous other similar signs?

At the same time seniors are saying no to health care reform for everyone else in the country, they’re saying, “Don’t touch my Medicare.”

Whether you’re for or against health care reform, the image of senior citizens, all of whom are drawing Social Security and Medicare benefits, crying out against socialism when they are the biggest beneficiaries of socialized medicine and retirement benefits is beyond the pale.

Where do these people think the money, which pays their health care and retirement, comes from? That it just magically appears? It comes from the Federal Government, Seniors! Both Medicare and Social Security are two huge socialistic programs. And every taxpayer is paying for those benefits.

Is this attitude the height of hypocrisy or are these people just plain stupid? They seem to think it’s perfectly acceptable that they receive “socialized” assistance, but they want to deny reasonably priced medical care to everyone else.

If they’re so adamantly against socialism, then they should all resign from Medicare and Social Security.


Written by Valerie Curl

August 29, 2009 at 9:12 PM

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