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Ayatollah Javadi Amoli Calls for Separation of Powers in Iran

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Following the example of Ayatollah Ali Sistani in calling for a separation of religion and state is Ayatollah Amoli of Iran.

“When one person alone enacts, executes and judges the law, there will be problems” (Translated from Mowj news)

Amoli, who led the Friday prayers sermon in Qom, believes that the best way to resolve the current situation is a separation between the executive branch, the judicial branch and the Islamic jurist. Amoli said separation of powers is not a recent phenomenon and it existed before Islam. “Separation of powers does not belong to a particular century. Islamic and non-Islamic governments have it now, too,” he said.

The hard line Iranian clerics, politicians, and Republican Guard are WRONG! Islam in Iran is failing as a result of the hard line ideology and control by the government. Religion cannot survive when forced onto a population by repression, coercion, and censorship. That idea failed in Europe. It will fail in Iran…and elsewhere in the world.

But then do Ahmedinejad, the Supreme Leader, and other hard lie clerics really believe in the Qu’ran and the vision of Muhammad or are they more interested in retraining power in order to create chaos and disorder in the world? They believe that in bringing about chaos they will hasten the “end of days” and bring about the return of the Hidden Imam. Many people throughout the world are adherents of “hasten the end of days,” but only in Iran has this ideology been institutionalized by the ruling government.

They must be stopped. The rational, thinking, educated people of Iran must be supported; their voices must be heard. The free media must be pushed to keep their story front and center.


Written by Valerie Curl

June 29, 2009 at 2:00 PM

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