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Famed Iranian film maker Mohsen Makhmalbaf Statement of Solidarity – Power to the people

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It was rumored this morning on Twitter from Iran tht Mohsen Makmakbaf was arrested by the Iranian government. Mr. Makhmalbaf is Iran’s premier film maker. He spoke with Foreign Policy Magazine in Paris in which he discussed the election. On 6/23 in Italy, he made this video.

In this video: Lala Movahed, Mary Sadro, Nik Saidi, Nilofar Darougar
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English Translation by IRAN, and not the author of this blog.

Mohsen Makhmalbaf’s statements on the situation in Iran has been released. He is very well-connected in Iran.

I have translated his words for the non-Farsi speakers.

Please take a moment out of your time to share this video and the translation. The translation is pretty accurate. I may have missed a metaphor or two…but I tried my best with the amount of Farsi knowledge I have:

Mohsen Makhmalbaf’s Translated Statement:

Iranians living in Italy and other parts of the world, I urge you to not give up, because the people in the line of fire are are not scared.

They are all chanting, “natarsim natarsim, ma hame ba ham hastim (Let’s not be afraid, let’s not be afraid. We are all in this together).

We haven’t seen this type of togetherness in a long time. This really has been our issue.

We are aware people, but we were afraid because the oceans of Iran had become mere water droplets.
In the past days, the water has been found again in the oceans. We have found our unity.

We need to continue protesting in front of the embassies and lobby the issues pertaining to the people of Iran- with help from world governments, journalists and citizens.

We need the world to recognize Ahmadinejad as the leader of a coup d’etat and not as the leader of Iran. If this happens, we will be successful.

We have already been successful. Iran’s history the past 30 years has been dissapointing. Now, our dissapointment has been expressed. We have found each other again.

Even with all the violence happening in Iran, the Iranian people are more kind to each other now. For example, some put their motorcylces on fire, destroy their vehicles, so the fuels of their vehicles suppress the effects of the tear gas.

They are defending each other.

Around the world, we see that people have put their differences aside.

Eveyrone is uniting their voices, chanting:

“What happened to our vote?”
“We want to vote again!”

We want to have the rights to our future.

I think that every Iranain in Iran is a commander, a force. Every Iranian outside of iran is a representative of the people in Iran, a reporter.

Every Iranian who gets killed in the streets is a martyr. They are also all media, filming with their cell phones and uploading the content onto Youtube.

We need to take these videos from Youtube and send out the links- send them to the reporters.
You can help the reporters who may not be able to find all the videos amongst the many being uploaded.

We need to work collectively to spread the information coming out from Iran.

We need to continue.

Friday night, at sunset, light a candle. Think about and respect the deaths of the brave. The Iranian people are planning to do the same outisde their houses, on their roofs, chanting: “Allah o Akbar.

They will be chanting “Allah o Akbar” to not prove their religion, but to voice the intolerable pressures put on them by the government.

Wearing the colour green is not to represent Mousavi, it is to represent a movement (democratic movement).

We are all supporters. Right now, none of us belong to any specific groups- we need to unite.

This is to speak out against Ahmadinejad, Khamenei, and 30 years of dictatorship in Iran. We want to take that closer step toward democracy.

We should follow the footsteps of Ghandi and Mandella.

We want the people of the West and the media to listen to the words of the Iranian people in Iran.

I am with you, we are all together.

pls share

However, we do share the same sentiments. Share this video; share the translation with the world.


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