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Iranian gov’t & media blame Britian for protests

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I know. Nothing new there. Corrupt leaders always blame someone else when the people get sick and tired of repression and take to the streets. Today’s Guardian UK writes:

According to the BBC’s monitoring service, Iranian al-Alam television has been continually broadcasting “confessions” by two alleged members of the Mojahedin-e-Khalq, also known as the People’s Mojahedin of Iran, a US-designated terrorist group opposed to the regime. Al-Alam claimed the two had admitted receiving instructions from the group’s “operations room in Britain” that included incitement of demonstrators and “sabotage attacks inside Iran”. Other channels have carried similar reports.

Raising this witch-hunt to a new heights of fantasy, Iran’s security forces are now claiming that unknown “terrorists” and “vandals”, rather than they themselves, were responsible for shooting and killing demonstrators in Tehran on Saturday. With relatively independent figures such as Ali Larijani, speaker of the Majlis (parliament), giving credence to talk of foreign plots, and with the Majlis’s foreign policy commission calling for a review of diplomatic ties with Britain, it’s possible on current trends that Britain’s ambassador may soon be packing his bags. Ominously, foreign ministry spokesman Hassan Qashqavi refused today to rule out expulsion of foreign ambassadors.

I guess the guys running things in Iran think the rest of the world is stupid. Even Iranians don’t believe the propaganda being disseminated by their regime. However, the most interesting – shall we say, revealing – thing about the Iranian government’s blustery speech against Britian:

Unsourced reports are circulating, meanwhile, that British banks have frozen $1.6bn in funds belonging to Mojtaba Khamenei, son of the supreme leader. This supposed affront is cited as another reason for displeasure with Britain in high places.

And Ahmedinejad has the temerity to call Rafsanjani corrupt? $1.6 billion? Now that’s gotta be corruption of the first order. No wonder Khamenei doesn’t want Mousavi to take office – his son might lose wealth back to the people from whom it must have been stolen.


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