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Protests continue as reports of Police brutalization hit the web.

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While the U.S. Sunday morning news shows focus on health care and the political party arguing that seems to dominate the conversation in Washington, the people of Iran are begging for media coverage of what is happening in their country.

Mousavi, the reform leader, has stated in a letter to the public that the election results were fraudulent. Tehran Bureau is posting updates as they come in them, including calls for a protest march on Monday and a strike on Tuesday. Iranian Twitterer, Sadaff, reports that in addition to prominent bloggers being arrested, the other presidential candidates don’t know what is going on because they too have no access to the media. Stop Ahmadi (Ahmadi is the nickname for Ahmadinejad) not only chronicles what is occurring but reports that Ayatollah Sane’i refuses to accept the government’s results. There are other reports that the police have surrounded his house and office, preventing him access to information and the people. Meanwhile an unconfirmed report says the military has refused to take part in the repression of the Iranian citizens. Not so the police and the secret police and the special police force that has authority to control “morals”.


Written by Valerie Curl

June 14, 2009 at 5:21 PM

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