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of the billions of dollars lost by self-centered, morally-deficient, greedy investment bankers during this financial meltdown.

To my knowledge no one has added up the total cost to date that investors had stolen by the likes of Stanford and Madoff. I suspect it’s close to 100 Billion dollars already.

So, why haven’t Wall St., the stock exchanges, the Chicago Board of Trade, CNBC, or Bloomberg been up in arms, screaming about the theft of those billions of dollars? Why aren’t the several perpetrators of those outrageous crimes sitting behind bars, awaiting trial?

Can any middle America imagine stealing vast amounts of money from thousands of other people and still remain on the street? I don’t. We’d be behind bars quicker than we could say, “what?”

Besides the fact that I’m upset over the fact that these thieves are not in jail, I am more than a little upset that CNBC’s reporter made huge headlines today, in his rant, over the housing plan.

Why haven’t he and his coworkers shown an equal amount of moral and fiscal outrage over the outright theft of billions of dollars of investor monies?


Written by Valerie Curl

February 20, 2009 at 2:23 AM

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