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Why Stimulus Plan should focus on Technology

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An article in Fast Company Magazine cites the creation of a new “green” nuclear reactor that leaves a zero carbon footprint while eating up nuclear waste.


Physicists at the University of Texas have invented the Compact Fusion Neutron Source (CFNS), which is a clever system that mixes of two types of nuclear power reactors. The older fission reactor we’re all familiar with (which generate lots of dangerously radioactive waste) and a tokamak fusion reactor (where small atoms are fused together much more cleanly).

The CFNS will eat up so-called nuclear “sludge,” which is a dangerous, highly toxic, long-lived radioactive by-product of existing nuclear power stations. The sludge is formed into a jacket around the core fusion reactor. The CFNS spits out neutrons and heat which “burn” the sludge, releasing more energy as heat–which is used to generate more electricity–and reducing the sludge into less dangerous material. And the Super X Divertor makes it possible for the compound reactor to produce lots of neutrons and heat without destroying itself.

With Science like this creating new, clean energy technologies…and thousands of other researchers developing new, green technologies…our economy could lead the world.

All it takes is for Congress act on the side of research and development, rather than on the side of old ideologies that the last eight years have proven no longer work. This country must invest in science research and development. It is the only way forward for full employment, the future of our children, and for a sustainable, highly productive economy.


Written by Valerie Curl

January 29, 2009 at 12:08 AM

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