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Rant of the week: failure to research

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Surfing through the blogosphere this morning, I was stunned by all the misconceptions and erroneous information being posted on the Stimulus Plan.

Pundits, politicians, and everyone else with particular preconceived viewpoint are pushing their own views, and in the process misconstruing the actual plan.

For example, the Stimulus Plan protects illegal aliens. No, not true. The plan requires all businesses receiving monies to hire only verified U.S. citizens. The Stimulus Plan requires businesses to buy only American steel and iron. No, not true. American steel and iron are promoted, but if buying American steel will increase the cost of the project by 25%, then foreign made steel can be purchased.

These are only TWO of the misconceptions – and outright falsehoods – being fostered. Believing what everyone, who has a vested interest in promoting their own opinions or ideology, states is a failure to research, read and form individual opinions. Go to the source, rather than believe every Tom, Dick or Jane who has an opinion or ideology to sell.

Read the actual bill: HR 1


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