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Economic Stimulus Plan and Infrastructure

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As reported by CNN today, American Civil Engineers are blowing the whistle again about the terrible condition of America’s road, railways, water and sewage systems, dikes and dams, and bridges.

The American Society of Civil Engineers issued an infrastructure report card Wednesday giving a bleak cumulative ranking of D.

“We’ve been talking about this for many many years,” Patrick Natale, the group’s executive director, told CNN.

“We really haven’t had the leadership or will to take action on it. The bottom line is that a failing infrastructure cannot support a thriving economy.”

In case anyone is in any doubt, the focus of the Stimulus Plan is to address these needs while at the same time creating new jobs, in public-private partnerships as well as in allied and associated industry sectors.

I remain amazed that a few Southern House Republicans continue to keep the entire country hostage, preventing American businesses from becoming the most competitive in the world.


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