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HR 1: House Economic Stimulus Plan

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With so much talk about this plan and its component parts, I decided to review the House Economic Stimulus Plan as posted on the House Appropriations Committee website.

Unfortunately, no quick reading summary of the current plan exists to ease comprehension of where and how much money is being allocated in this very long bill. As a result, it’s difficult to determine exactly the amount of money proposed to be spent in any area without spending hours dissecting the bill.

For the most part, the areas chosen for expenditure are worthy with some notable and well-publicized objections. However, it’s easy to see the influence of powerful individual Committee Heads in the actual dollar allocations, with billion dollar allocations going to targeted, small constituencies. Moreover, it appears the allocations for small business, technology, research and development, and education are not the focus of the spending. The military makes out very well, though, as does the Bureau of Indian Affairs.

The original purpose of the bill was not only to stimulate job growth but to invest in the “economy of the future.” An economy that would enable American businesses to compete globally. This competition requires high speed railways, new highways, broadband and wireless access everywhere in the nation, a new electrical grid, research and development of new green technologies, grants for various types medical and science research, education, and assistance for states dealing with exploding unemployment and medicaid costs.

After reviewing the allocations, those priorities no longer appear the primary concentration of this bill. To prevent this bill from becoming just another special interest giveaway so Representatives can make their constituencies happy and, thus, get re-elected again, the whole bill must be reviewed and reworked against the priorities originally set down for it. In addition, it must be done openly and transparently so the American people can see where Congress proposes to spend their tax dollars. And it must be done quickly to slow the rising tide of failing confidence and layoffs.

Playing politics, including re-election politics, with my tax money and the monies of my children is no longer acceptable, not with a towering national debt facing us.


2 Responses

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