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Israel continues to prevent journalists into Gaza

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As the U.S. news continues to focus solely on the inauguration of President Obama, Israel denies access of foreign journalists to Gaza.

Security officials at the border told AlArabiya.net that Egypt initially allowed journalists along with medical teams and convoy volunteers to cross into Gaza and that since Monday 160 foreign non-Arab journalists were lucky enough to cross.

However, Israel complained to Egypt about the presence of foreign journalists in Gaza, noting the 2005 border agreement which gives the Jewish state a say into who crosses into the Gaza strip from Egypt’s side.

In addition, Israel has hired an army of bloggers to counteract Israel’s negative image circling the globe on blog sites.

If Israel had it right during the last three weeks in Gaza, then why are they so afraid of what people might read or see from bloggers and journalists? Perhaps the Israeli government already know how wrong it was.


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