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Can no longer provide unqualified support of Israel

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If, like me, you can no longer give your unqualified support of Israel, especially in light of the human rights violations occurring in Gaza that are all over the blogosphere and on YouTube, then I urge you to contact your Congressional representatives.

This is especially important now because Congress last week approved a resolution in full support of Israel.

While I fully support an independent Israel as the homeland of any and all Jews who wish to live there, I also support the many Christian as well as Muslim Palestinians who are suffering under apartheid, ghetto conditions in both Gaza and the West Bank.

If the United States is to play the role of honest broker, it must concern itself with the thousands of Palestinians who have had their homes destroyed and land stolen by Israeli settlers; who have been beaten and shot just for being non-Jews; who have been unable to obtain justice in Israeli courts; who have lost their businesses and livelihoods as a result of blockades and walls that restrict their movements; who are unable to access their bank accounts, buy food, or send their children to school as a result of Israeli restrictions and interminable check points; who have seen their loved ones, including their children and babies shot point blank by the IDF (Israeli Defense Forces); and who have been denied basic human rights and aid.

Again, I state that while I fully support Israel’s right to exist and firmly oppose any ideology that calls for its demise, I adamantly oppose Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians. Furthermore, I recognize that Hamas is a terrorist organization that, without doubt, would lose its power if Palestinians were treated with the respect and honor and human dignity to which any people deserve. But given the increased and continuing apartheid treatment from Israel towards the Palestinians, Hamas will more than likely gain increased support as the need for revenge grows stronger amongst all Palestinians, whether they live in Gaza or the West Bank. If Israel truly wants peace, it cannot – and should not – come from the wholesale destruction and discrimination of the Palestinian people.

Over the course of the last 20 or more years, I have observed the conditions of the Palestinian people grow weaker and weaker. I’ve seen Palestinians treated – and spoken out against conditions – much like that which existed during “Krystal Nacht.”

Of all the people in the world, Israelis should understand the horrors of ghettos and discrimination and hatred. Of all the people in the world, Israelis, who for thousands of years suffered and endured the absolute worst evils that human kind offered up, should recognize the injustice and inhumanity of their own treatment of Palestinians.

The very essence of Judaism is based on justice: The Law. As a people who saw the laws of Christianity, under the Holy Roman Catholic Church, turned against them time after time again – confiscating their homes and property, killing their families, driving them penniless out of their communities – it is hard for me to understand how Israel can behave towards another people they way in which they were treated for thousands of years. Israel’s treatment of Palestinians exhibits nothing less than a replay of how they historically have been treated. Worse, it represents a violation of The Law.

Regardless of recent revisionist history, Palestinians lived in the region, renamed by the Romans, called Palestine since long before the First Crusade in 1095. Well over a thousand years. If living in the same place for over a thousand years doesn’t make it the home of a people, then what does?

Does the United States have the kind of government – and are we still the kind of people – that believes justice and equity exist only for one “proper” set of individuals, such as before the Civil War? Or does this government and the people of the U.S. represent the best of human kind, wherein each person – regardless of race, creed, color, religion, ethnicity or gender – is equal and valuable. If the latter is the case, then the United States must carry its promise of equity and justice to the Middle East, equally to both the Israelis and the Palestinians.

Over the last eight years, in particular, that equity and justice towards both Israelis and Palestinians has not occurred.

Now, before any more time elapses and any more lives are lost, you must contact your Congressional representatives, both Senators and Representatives, to tell them that you no longer unequivocally support Israel and that you demand all foreign aid to Israel stop until such time as Israel abides by the 1967 through 2002, as well as the new 2009, United Nations resolutions (See http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_the_UN_resolutions_concerning_Israel) which provide equity for both Israelis and Palestinians.


Written by Valerie Curl

January 11, 2009 at 3:23 AM

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