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The Bush legacy

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As I sit here tonight wanting to write about something besides politics, I cannot. On tonight’s MSNBC Chris Matthew’s show, Matthew reran videos of the many interviews that led up to and immediately followed the invasion of Iraq.

Watching them reminded me once again that I disbelieved the information coming out of the White House prior to the invasion. The information did not seem plausible to me. My gut feeling is that the American people were being lied to.

As we’ve since learned, we were being fed lies. Big lies. Lies that cost thousands of young American lives and many thousands more their health and limbs. So, how and why could any Administration perpetrate such a falsity on the American public?

That is the question to ask.

I don’t have an answer because I simply don’t understand what kind of mental processes existed in the minds of those who believed it was acceptable to manipulate and manufacture evidence to justify the invasion of Iraq. I’m not saying that Saddam was innocent of horrendous crimes against his people and those in countries surrounding Iraq. On the contrary, he was a vicious meglomaniac. What I am saying is that I did not believe what I was being told through the media. I believed this Administration was lying to us. The facts just did not fit together properly.

The United States did not have honest evidentiary proof against the Iraqi regime at the time the President chose to invade the country. The invasion, as has been shown since, was completely a matter of choice. The invasion was a neo-con plan to recreate the governments of the Middle East with a decidedly pro-American bias. Instead they created societies that turned away from America.

There is a reason why our founding fathers, in an age of empire building, chose not to engage in creating an empire. That reason is profoundly exemplified in the reaction of the Middle East and the rest of world by what the current Administration has caused to our most cherished reputation.

As a democratic Republic, we have not been served well by the Bush Administration. The lies, the manipulations, and the wholesale selling of our government’s responsibilities has brought disgrace upon the American people.

As our Founding Fathers required of us: we must pay constant and strict attention to the actions of government to insure that it is working in the interests “of the people, for the people and by the people.”

What this by-choice invasion signifies is that Americans must choose to inform themselves more completely and hold our leaders much more accountable to the truth.

I find the Bush Administration abominable and a disgrace to this great and noble nation. Regardless of however much the Bush Administration wishes to rehabilitate their reputation, the Bush Administration will go down in history as one of the worst this country has ever endured.


Written by Valerie Curl

December 30, 2008 at 5:33 PM

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