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I love “West Wing”

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Yes. Whenever an episode of the highly intelligent show is replayed, I watch it even though I’ve seen every episode many times. MSNBC political contributor Lawrence O’Donnell was the Executive Producer of this show. David Axelrod, Obama’s chief adviser, helped write many of the last season’s shows in which a Democratic Congressional candidate of Mexican descent wins the Presidency.

If you watched the episodes of the show’s last year, you’ll come away as I did, saying this Presidential election almost–not quite but almost–mirrored the show.

Today as I watched several of the last episodes on BRAVO, I had one of those “ah ha” moments.

What I was struck by was the number of Congressional leaders protrayed in the show who were in the game just for themselves. Doing right for the country as a whole was far less important to them than taking care of their own political careers.

While “West Wing” is fictional, it does reflect fairly accurately the members of Congress for anyone who has spent any time watching C-SPAN or reviewing the Congressional voting records of their members.

I am one of those growing members of our Country who is highly disappointed in “politics as usual.” I am one of those people who wants Congress to work for the people–all the people–not just the few in their states or districts or companies who give large donations.

After Geo. Washington assumed office, he publically stated that he was totally and completely against political parties. He believed they would divide the country. I suspect he would find the “self-aggrandizement” of Congressional politicians today abominable.

If a political leader today cannot or will not do what is right and good for the entire country, he or she should not hold office. Holding an office that is amongst the highest in the land should never be considered the route to self-importance, future office, or future wealth.

It should, instead, be what Madison, Jefferson, Monroe, Washington and others thought: giving up one’s own desires for the betterment of the Union.

At a time when our country faces enormous challenges on the world stage, from finances to energy technology to international relations to budgetary resources to global warming, we need Congressional representatives who have the moral and ethical capacity to advocate for the entire country, rather than play politics for their own advancement.

My hope is that the electorate will pay singular attention to their Congressional representatives throughout the next two and four years and ask themselves: did this person do what is right for the country as a whole? Or did this person do what seemed advantageous for himself/herself? If the latter is the answer, that person does not, should not, be holding office.

We owe our founding fathers, ourselves, and all future generations better than self-aggrandizing, self-important, self-interested leaders.

Written by Valerie Curl

November 12, 2008 at 3:58 AM

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