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Anxiously watching the election…and my fingers are crossed

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I know I’m not alone in being glued to the election news today. I know I’m not alone in having my fingers crossed and hoping my guy, Obama, wins.

This election is very important to me, not because of me – an aging Baby Boomer – but because of all the young people in this country. They deserve a better U.S. and a better world than the one that G.W. Bush and his crowd have made.

After a serious study of both McCain and Obama – their histories, their philosophy, what others who know them well say about their personalities and character, how they think and behave, and their various policy positions – I chose Obama. I sincerely believe he will be better for the younger generations of this country. I believe he has a better ideas and a better temperament.

I also think that a President Obama will be much more conservative than predicted. This guy is very smart, very pragmatic, level headed and inclusive, as his Conservative and Federalist Society compatriots at Harvard Law stated. He may very well have more trouble with his Democratic Congressional colleagues than the Republicans.

Throughout today, I’ve also been reading foreign papers and checking out chat rooms with a large foreign constituency. Everyone is paying extremely close attention to this election, even though many of them do not understand our electoral process. By a large majority, they’re hoping for an Obama win because they see in him a truly positive change in American foreign and economic policy from what the disastrous Bush policies which McCain, they believe, will continue or be even worse.

Obama will be better for the younger generations in this country as well as for older, near-retirement, middle-class people like me. So, I have my fingers crossed.

Written by Valerie Curl

November 5, 2008 at 1:13 AM

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