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I’m a flaming social liberal and a fiscal conservative, and I don’t give a d**** about who cares.

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After reading many of the political posts, I find myself becoming more and more angry. Okay, call me one of those liberal “elites”. I really don’t give a whole, bloody damn.

What I do care about is my country! My whole country and all the people in it.

What matters is hiring the best person for the job of President and hiring the best Congress to fix the fiscal mess we’re in and get our economic and foreign policy back on track. Getting the rest of the world to trust the U.S. again.

If you’re voting on one issue only. l say this:

RE: Abortion – During the mid-1800s, the Pope said God told him that abortion was a sin. God told the Pope! Was it a dream? Or was it the same kind of perverted, female-hating philosophy that caused women to be burned at the stake during the Medieval era for practicing medicine? Until the mid-1800s, the Catholic church permitted women to abort a fetus during the entire first trimester. Protestants, particularly Evangelical Protestants, followed suit. Orthodox and Hasidic Jews also allowed abortion throughout the first trimester. So, is abortion God’s law or man’s? For myself, I’ll state a basic, conservative, privacy tenant, “stay out of my bedroom and definitely out of my womb!” Until you’re paying my bills, get out!

RE: A woman in the White House – As a middle aged female who struggled against all the prejudice dumped on women throughout my life, I want a woman in the White House. I look forward to that day. But hiring any woman, just because she has a vagina, is wrong! It’s stupid, idiotic, and a waste of your vote. It betrays everything that women of my generation fought and worked for: equal job opportunities, equal wages, equal treatment under the law, equal protection. During my mother’s lifetime, women were considered little more than chattel. If a woman’s husband beat her, the police said there was nothing they could do about domestic violence, unless the wife was hospitalized or killed. If a woman divorced, she couldn’t get credit…any credit! If a women went to work, she couldn’t get a job above the secretarial level and was told flat out that she wasn’t smart enough or that, because she was female, she was too emotional to join management. If a woman was raped or abused, it obviously had to be her fault. If a woman wanted equal pay for equal work, she was told her male counterparts deserved more because they had families to support…like she didn’t!!! And now you want to put a woman in the White House who not only does not believe in any women’s issues but does not have any intellectual curiosity or the knowledge to take over the job of President on day one? Just because she has a vagina!?! Are you crazy!?! Don’t you have any more respect for yourself, your sisters, your daughters than that?

RE: Voting party lines – Because you belong to a political party, voting for the President or a Congress person just because that person belongs to your party is a waste of your vote. You have an obligation to hire the best person possible. If Jefferson were alive today, he’d be lecturing the entire populace on their need to look at the entire person, not the party, when voting. He’d say does this person represent what you believe and can move this country forward in the direction you want? This party line voting is why Washington and many of the other founding fathers hated political parties and did not want them in America. They wanted Americans to vote according to their consciences, according to their beliefs, according to what they thought was the best for the country. They believed that anything less, including voting along party lines, would be a betrayal of all they had fought for and the fortunes they had given up. We have an obligation to honor them better than voting along party lines. Just because a candidate is Republican or Democrat does not mean that person is the best candidate to be hired for the office. Jefferson, Adams, and the others would say look at the person’s abilities, intellect, knowledge, capabilities, judgment, and thoughtfulness. You’re not hiring a bloody dog catcher! You’re hiring people who will be responsible for steering the direction of this country for the next four years!

RE: Race – After nearly 160 years since the Civil War, it’s long past time to let go of an antiquated and ill-logical belief in racial differences. Anthropology has proven that all homosapiens (humans) originally came from Africa. Over thousands of years skin color changed to adapt to the environment. People living in Northern Europe developed pale, white skin to adjust to the lack of sunshine. People in warmer climate keep a darker skin to protect them from a brighter sunshine. Skin color is irrelevant. What matters is character and intelligence and judgment and knowledge. Just because someone doesn’t look like you, doesn’t mean that person is not as good as you. Just because you’re not used to seeing a person of color speak your values, doesn’t mean they don’t hold the same values you do. Try closing your eyes , literally and figuratively, to really hear what that person is saying. If you can do that one thing, then I believe Lincoln would be smiling…because, ultimately, his dream was for all humans, regardless of race, to live together and understand each other and allow each other to achieve their dreams to the best of their individual abilities. Doing any less would be to tell Lincoln and all the many men and women and children who fought so bravely to keep our union together their lives were wasted!

Hiring a President and the Congress is a sacred duty! A duty my forefathers and yours fought to achieve and preserve. If you vote on one issue only, you have betrayed this country. You have betrayed our forefathers. You have betrayed the ideals of this magnificent country. You have betrayed all future generations. You have betrayed yourselves!


Written by Valerie Curl

September 24, 2008 at 5:35 AM

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