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Midwest Wal Mart Moms worried about economy

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CNN interviewed a few of the so-called Michigan Wal Mart Moms today. Each of the women expressed extreme concern over the economy. Worries about stagnant or lowering wages, unemployment, rising health care costs, the melt down of the financial markets, loss of equity in their homes. They’re scared.

So, you’d think they’d all say they were going to vote for Obama. Not so. The split between the two candidates right now is about even.

That got me tho thinking: are they missing the fact that this economy is brought to them by the Republican Party? Not just Bush and his Administration. BUT THE ENTIRE PARTY. That includes McCain.

I don’t get it. Are they somehow missing the connection between McCain and the rest of the Republican Party? I’m not denigrating them; I just don’t understand why they would consider voting for the folks that brought them such an economic mess.

It’s the entire Republican Party, including John McCain, that wholeheartedly believes in the philosophy of hands off the market. Let the market figure it out. Remove all regulations and restrictions on business and the economy will bloom. Give the rich lots of tax breaks and somehow money will trickle down to the middle class. (Trickle down economics didn’t work the first time or the second time or now the third time. The rich got richer and the middle class got poorer.)

Regardless of what McCain is saying on the campaign trail, he’s still believes in deregulating industry and not only wants to continue but expand Bush’s economic policies, including cutting taxes largely for the rich.

His economic plan is not a change from President Bush…it’s an expansion of it. He is the Republican Party.

So, why would anyone who is suffering in this economy — anyone who has seen their incomes decrease while prices rise, watched the value of their home decrease, seen the interest rates on their credit cards skyrocket, watched Wall St. melt down costing them their pensions, college funds and retirement accounts, worried about losing their jobs or can’t find another one — want to hire another Republican?

How can anyone trust another Republican who subscribes to the same economic philosophy as the rest of his Party fix what the rest of his Party did?


Written by Valerie Curl

September 18, 2008 at 11:44 PM

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