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The politics of sleaze and hate mongering sickens me

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I’ve just finished reading an article on Salon.com, Republican Jewish group conducted anti-Obama poll, regarding a survey being conducted by the Republican Jewish Committee in which calls are made to members of the Jewish community and asked negative questions about Obama, not so much to gain information but to instill a negative opinion of Obama in the mind of the person being called.

This was a highly successful tactic the Republicans used in the 2004 campaign against Kerry and other Democrats. It formally called a push poll.

I’m familiar with how the survey works because in the 2004 campaigns, I received one of these push polls. The questions were designed to give me a negative opinion of the candidate by distorting or outright lying about the candidate’s record or affiliations and asking if I could support that candidate based on the distortion or lie.

I found it disgusting then…and I still do. It’s wholly dishonorable, sleazy and hate mongering. I hope voters who receive these kinds of calls slam down the phone and refuse to listen. I hope they vote against the candidate who’s party uses such tactics.

The only way to clean up politics is for Americans to use their votes and voices to say, “No more. Enough is enough.”

UPDATE: “If the RJC is responsible for these calls, which are designed to frighten Jews and sow mistrust, they have forfeited their place at the Jewish table,” said the co-executive director of the Jewish Council for Education and Research, Mik Moore. “It is incumbent upon the McCain campaign to speak out forcefully against this and ongoing efforts by his supporters to scare Jews into supporting his candidacy.”


Written by Valerie Curl

September 17, 2008 at 3:24 PM

Posted in Politics

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