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Aug/Sept issue Foreign Affairs – McCain v Obama

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The latest issue of Foreign Affairs magazine has printed foreign policy position papers from all the presidential candidates that ran this election. Obviously now, the ones which matter most are those of John McCain and Barack Obama. However, the others may give you some insight into their policy stances, especially as they all have become talking heads for their party’s leader. These papers are well worth reading. They illuminate the candidates thinking and probable actions if elected…and they each have significantly different views. The papers are important reading this presidential year as the effectiveness of our international relations–how we deal with other countries, our relationship with other countries, how we effect the decision makers around the world especially in hunting down and eliminating terrorists, our ability to effect fair trade deals–will continue to play a prominent role in our political discourse. In addition, the way in which we handle our foreign affairs will affect our federal budget and ever growing deficit.

But I won’t spoil the surprise…darn it! I’m practically biting my fingers to keep from giving it all away…to keep from providing an analysis of their differences.


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