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Sarah Palin as VP?

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When I woke up this morning and learned of McCain choosing Palin, my first thought was, “Who?” It took me few minutes, and a news report, for me to remember who she is. Most of America will feel the same.

Then, I became insulted. Choosing Palin is a cynical ploy on the part of the Republicans to sway women to voting for McCain. No other reason.

Do the Republicans and McCain really think women are that stupid? Do they really think that women will vote for him just because he put a female on the slate?

Obviously, he and the Republicans have no respect for women and their intelligence…and no understanding of women’s issues.

Alaska is very Republican state–and very conservative. And Palin fits perfectly the extreme right wing of that party. Of the few things known and published about her views, this is what is available:

–She opposes abortion even in cases of rape.

–She opposes equal pay for equal work.

–She attempted to “Christianize” libraries by removing books she disliked.

–Strongly supports teaching “creationism” in schools, even though “creationism” has been proven to be false science.

–She does not believe “Global Warming” exists and sued the EPA to keep polar bears off the endangered species act. If the polar bears were listed as an endangered specie, then Alaska wouldn’t be able to drill in primary polar bear habitats…and Alaska gets most of its tax monies from oil companies as the State has no income tax.

–Supported the “Bridge to Nowhere” before she became governor; then turned against it after becoming governor. She still took the millions of dollars allocated to it, though, for other infrastructural projects. So much for her claim that Alaska alone will pay for its projects.

–She vetoed building solar and wind plants in Alaska, favoring oil drilling instead. Wants to open ANWR.

–Strongly opposes Gay marriage or partnership benefits

–Strongly supports McCain’s view on health insurance: each person should pay for it him/herself. It should not be a employment benefit.

–Although Sarah Palin’s independent views on international affairs, at this point, are unavailable, we can be sure she’ll adopt McCain’s.


Written by Valerie Curl

August 30, 2008 at 2:59 AM

Posted in mccain, Politics

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